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  • 400 Cards
  • Timer/Spinner
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Score the most points by giving answers under pressure of the random Timer/Spinner that could stop at any moment, and may have you giving more and more and more answers!


  • Place the Cards on the table where everyone can reach them. You can keep them in a neat pile or scattered around...just keep them face down.

  • Set the Timer/Spinner out as well, and add 3 AAA batteries to it.

Quick And Easy

  • Draw a Card, start the Timer and name three things in that category/subject.

  • Spin the Spinner and do what it says-name more from that Card, draw a new one or move to the next player.

  • Each Card you "finish" is yours to keep as a point.

  • If the Timer stops during your turn, you don't get to keep that Card.

  • The first to 10 points wins!

Game Play

The person who owns the game is the first Hot Shot, and play will move to the right.

The first player draws a Card and reads it aloud while placing it face-up on the table. When first reading the Cards, begin with "Name 3". followed by what is on the Card. For example, the Card may read, "Adventurous Activities", so you would say "Name 3 Adventurous Activities".

Start the Timer by pressing the large red button in the middle of the Spinner.

The Hot Shot player now has to quickly give answers, naming things in the category/subject on the Card. For example, for "Adventurous Activities" you could answer, "Skydiving, rafting, mountain climbing". If you say three answers before the Timer buzzes, quickly spin the Spinner to see what to do next.

The Spinner can have you do a few different things:

  • 2: You have to quickly name two more things for that same Card, and then spin again.

  • 3: You have to quickly name three more things for that same Card, and then spin again.

  • Next Card: You must quickly draw a new Card and name three things for that category/ subject, and then spin again.

  • Next Player: Your turn is done, and play quickly moves to the next player to your right, and they spin.

When you have finished with a Card (you spin "Next Card" or "Next Player"), you have earned that point. To keep track of points, keep the Card in front of you face down.

If you are ever completely stuck and cannot come up with any answers, you may pass and lose that turn. However, to do so you must say, "Spin me 'round and call me clueless!" (Or you can decide on your own phrase if you want!) You discard your Card and the next player draws a Card and starts their turn.

The Timer should never be randomly stops on its own, in its own time!

If the Timer buzzes and stops during your turn, the round ends and you do not earn that Card. Place it in the discard pile. You keep any other Cards you earned during that round.

The next player to your right then starts the new round with a new Card and starting the Timer again!

Acceptable Answers

Not sure if zip-lining or kayaking is considered an Adventurous Activity? The group, as a whole, decides if answers are unacceptable.

Just remember that many of these Cards don't have clear-cut right or wrong answers, and it could all depend on how you look at it!

End of the Game

The first player to earn 10 points (10 Cards) wins! Keep track of your Cards, because it's up to you to notice if you win!

If a player has 10 and declares they won, and then another player realizes that they had 10 points first but didn't notice or declare it.. .too bad, so sad!

Game Play Suggestions

  • For larger groups, you may decide 10 points is too many to earn a win. Feel free to decide on a different number (before you start playing!).

  • Mix things up and play in teams of two!

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