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Vault Zones And Doors

Our ancestors used to store food reserves in caches of some sort. We discovered they used them to hide powerful weapons, too. What kind of threat were they expecting?

Vaults, secret rooms and underground lairs are fairly common in Zombicide: Black Plague. They can be great shortcuts for Survivors... and Zombies!

Whenever the Quest map shows one (or more) Vault doors, set Vault Zone tokens of the matching colors near the board.

  • Vault doors can be opened like standard doors (unless otherwise stated in the Quest's description).

  • Open Vault doors give access to the Vault of the matching color, as if they were connected. However, there is no Line Of Sight between the Vault and the Zone it connects to.

  • Vaults are building Zones. They can't be Searched. Don't Spawn Zombies in Vaults when they are revealed.

  • A Vault door can be opened from inside its Vault Zone.

NOTE: Quests featuring Vaults can have special rules detailing the way they're played. They have priority over the rules listed here.

Step 1. Silas needs to go through the violet Vault to get the Dragon Bile and Torch represented by the Objective. He Moves in and opens the violet Vault door. There is no Zombie Spawn in a Vault, and Silas has no Line of Sight to it.

Step 2. Silas Moves into the violet Vault. He opens the other violet Vault door from the inside, triggering a Zombie Spawn in the building. Two Walkers are here! The Elf has no Line of Sight on the other side, and thus can't shoot to kill the Zombie standing right there.

Step 3. The Zombies closed in. A Walker entered the Vault through the open door. Silas killed him, then Moved into the building, and finally killed the second Walker. The way to the Objective is clear as the Abomination is about to enter the Vault!

Vault Artifacts

Powerful weapons and spells are set aside during Setup (see page 6) to be found in Vaults. These are called Vault artifacts, and bear the keyword "Vault" on their card.

A Survivor can spend an Action to take a Vault artifact stored in a Vault. It is not a Search Action and thus can be done multiple times if the Vault holds several artifacts.

The Quest description may hold additional special rules for them. Check them out!

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