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Heroes and villains arise as the zombie plague spreads across the kingdom. Some necromancers executed deeds vile enough to get a reputation of their own, and became our sworn enemies. Be wary when such heinous folks gather, as they share a dark ritual: the necromancers disappear in an energy vortex, instantly calling zombie legions.

Playing Your Cabal

Necromancer Cabals' rules allow you to play multiple necromancers at once during your Zombicide: Black Plague games. To use these rules you will require extra special Necromancers, such as the ones included in the Special Guest Boxes by Carl Critchlow, Naiade, and Stefan Kopinski (sold separately).

  1. Create your own Necromancer Cabal at game Setup: choose the Necromancers you want your Survivor team to face (the more, the deadlier!). Sort out the six standard Necromancer cards from the Zombie pile, and replace them in any combination you see fit with your favorite Necromancer cards. Replace these six tailored cards in the Zombie pile, and shuffle. You're ready to go against the Cabal!

    EXAMPLE: Your group owns two standard Necromancer miniatures along with Ostokar and To-Me Ku-Pa. You choose to play all four, and tailor your six-card Cabal this way: Standard Necromancer (x3), Ostokar (x2) and To-Me Ku-Pa (x1). You could choose any other card combination. To-Me Ku-Pa will only appear once in a while, but his special rule makes it spectacular!

  2. Use the classic Necromancer rules to spawn and move Necromancers. Use the colors of the Necromancer Spawn Zones to track where each of them spawned, and determine its escape Spawn Zone. Remember: drawing a Necromancer Zombie card also gives an extra Activation to others Necromancer on the board until they flee or die.

    EXAMPLE: A Standard Necromancer, Ostokar and To-Me Ku-Pa are already on the board. You draw a Standard Necromancer card: put a Standard Necromancer in the Zone you just spawned in, along with its additional Necromancer Spawn Zone, and all three other Necromancers get an extra Activation. The end is near!

  3. Beware the dark ritual! Necromancers standing at Range 0-1 from each other at the end of a Zombies' Phase flee the board as if they escaped through their escape Spawn Zone. Replace the

    Necromancer Spawn tokens they introduced on the board with standard Zombie Spawn tokens.

  4. Each of the special Necromancers has special rules written on their Zombie cards. These rules are in effect from the moment they enter the board, until they flee or die.

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