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  • 4 Apples
  • 32 worms (8 each in 4 different colors)
  • 1 spinner
  • instructions.

Object of the Game

Be the first player to remove all 8 worms from your apple.

Game Play

The youngest player takes the first turn by spinning the spinner and following the directions in the space where the spinner arrow stops, as described below.

Play passes to the left, with each player spinning the spinner and following its instructions.

  • Pull a Worm

    There are four different 'Pull a Worm' spaces on the spinner, one for each color-blue, green, orange and purple.

    The player must remove a worm +from his apple that matches the color indicated by the space on the spinner.

    For example: if a player spins a green worm then a green worm is removed from the apple.

    The worm is placed into a discard pile in the center of the play area. If a player does not have a worm of the color called for on the spinner, his turn is over.

  • Wild Worm:

    The player may remove one worm of any color from his apple.

  • Add a Worm

    The player must take one worm of any color from the discard pile and place it into any one of the empty wormholes in his apple.

    If he does not have any open wormholes, OR there are no worms in the discard pile, the player does nothing and his turn is over.

  • Give a Worm to any Player

    The player must remove any one of his worms and give it to an opponent of his choosing.

    His opponent must then place the worm into any one of the open wormholes on his apple. If an opponent's apple is full of worms, he may not be given the additional worm.

  • Trade Apples

    The player must trade apples, worms and all, with any of his opponents.

    For example: if a player has five worms in his apple and spins the "Trade Apples", then he MUST trade the entire apple-including the five worms, for another player's apple.

    The player should try to trade with the opponent that has the least number of worms in his apple. If the player making the trade has the least number of worms, he is forced to trade for an apple with more worms.

End of the Game

Play continues until one player has removed all 8 worms from his apple. This player is the winner!

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