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Rating: 6.6 Good
Players: 2-7 players
Playing time: 45-75 minutes

Created by: Jesús Torres Castro, Javier González Cava, David Prieto

Published by: Ludonova

Alternate Names: Watson & Holmes: Diarios del 221B


Watson & Holmes is a game of deduction set within the magnificent works of Arthur Conan Doyle. Two to seven aspiring detectives step into the shoes of Doctor Watson, working alongside the detective Sherlock Holmes to try to solve a series of so far unpublished cases directly extracted from Doctor John H. Watson's diaries.

Those who accept the challenge relive the adventures of the crime-solving duo, visiting each of the locations where the inquiries were made. Following the trail, each clue brings players closer to solving the case.

The objective of the game is to immerse yourself in the Victorian world depicted in each story. Visit the right places, decipher the clues, and above all find the path that leads you to solve the mystery before anybody else. Victory goes to the player who accurately uses the deductive reasoning so famously and ingeniously implemented by the hero of 221B Baker Street.

The game consists of a series of separate cases, each of which raises a number of questions that each player tries to solve before anyone else. To do this, once the case and the questions have been read aloud, players proceed to visit the locations where the clues are located.

Each location cannot be accessed by more than one player at any one time, so if two or more players want to go to the same place, the player who travels there the fastest (i.e., he who uses the largest number of Carriage Tokens) gets the clue, forcing the others to go to a different location.

Once every player has a destination, they proceed to read in secret the clue that was discovered at that location. They can discreetly take any notes they deem appropriate. Once this is done, the cards are returned to their place so that others can read them in later turns.

This procedure is repeated during each turn until one player believes he has found the solutions to the case; at that time, he must go to 221B Baker Street to check if his answers are correct. If all the answers are correct, the player wins; if they are wrong, he will have lost and retires from the game, and the game continues.

Each detective will also have the invaluable assistance of a number of Sherlock Holmes' allies, above all, the good Dr Watson and of course of the detective himself.

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  • 13 Case Booklets
  • 207 Location Cards
  • 2 Special Cards (Watson and Holmes)
  • 7 Player Pawns in 7 colors
  • 7 Player Tokens in 7 colors
  • 57 Carriage Tokens
  • 6 Police Tokens
  • 6 Call Off Tokens
  • 2 Lockpick Tokens
  • 8 Character Cards
  • 1 Carriage Stop Card
  • 1 Toby Token
  • 1 Wiggins Token
  • 1 Start Player Token (Diary)


Do not read any card or inside any of the Case Booklets. This will ruin the game! Read the Instruction Booklet in its entirety before looking at the game components.

Game Elements

Case Booklets: Each case comes with its corresponding booklet which introduces the circumstances of the incident, sets the questions that players have to solve to win the game and the solution provided by Sherlock Holmes. …

Watson and Holmes Cards

These represent the heroes of Baker Street and they give the player who uses them an extra action.

The Dr Watson Card can only be used once per round, whilst Sherlock Holmes only enters the game when a player has unsuccessfully attempted to solve the game.

Dr. Watson

A player on his turn, and during the Visiting Phase, can pay 4 Carriage Tokens and place the Dr Watson Card in front of himself.

In this same round and just before the start of the Investigation Phase, the holder of the card may choose that the Location Card of another player be read out loud (no card marked with the (^symbol can be read aloud). …

Clarifications and Advice On 'using The Characters

Mycroft Holmes

If a player uses the Mycroft action early in the game, he could have an advantage. On the other hand, he could become the preferred target for the other players when using the Dr Watson Card.

Martha Hudson

With the help of Mrs Hudson you can spend your Carriages freely during the game, safe in the knowledge that she allows you to enter 221B Baker Street first, should another player attempt to solve the case at the same time as you. …

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