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Watson and Holmes Cards

These represent the heroes of Baker Street and they give the player who uses them an extra action.

The Dr Watson Card can only be used once per round, whilst Sherlock Holmes only enters the game when a player has unsuccessfully attempted to solve the game.

Dr. Watson

A player on his turn, and during the Visiting Phase, can pay 4 Carriage Tokens and place the Dr Watson Card in front of himself.

In this same round and just before the start of the Investigation Phase, the holder of the card may choose that the Location Card of another player be read out loud (no card marked with the (^symbol can be read aloud).

He then returns the Dr Watson Card to its place for subsequent rounds. The DrWatson Card can only be used by the first player to claim it in each round (i.e. it can only be used once per round).

Sherlock Holmes

Any player, at anytime, can use 3 Carriages to carry out one of the following actions related to the detective:

  • nswer Consultation: Read the answers given by another player who has unsuccessfully attempted to solve the case (knowing how many are correct, not which).

  • Answer Check: Write on a piece of paper the answer to one of the set questions, stating the corresponding number, and give it to a player who has already unsuccessfully attempted to solve the case (and therefore already knows the solution to the case) so that he can indicate If It Is correct or not.

    This action can only be carried out once per game by each player.

Character Cards

Each Character Card provides its owner with a specific action, and as an alternative, common to all of them, collects 3 Carriage Tokens.

The actions are mutually exclusive and therefore each player has to decide, during the game, if he wants to reveal the character to benefit from the action described on the card or discard it and, in its place, take 3 Carriage Tokens.

  • Use his action, a player on his turn, simply reveals his character placing him/her face up on the table and performs the action described.

  • Collect 3 Carriage Tokens, the player places the card face up in front of him, takes 3 Carriage Tokens, and finally turns the card 90° to show that he has renounced the Character's action.

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