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Rating: 6.4 Fair
Players: 1-5 players
Playing time: 30-60 minutes

Official Site: Official Daily Magic Games site for Villages of Valeria

Created by: Rick Holzgrafe, Isaias Vallejo, Mihajlo Dimitrievski

Published by: Daily Magic Games


After many years of fighting hordes of monsters, the King of Valeria and his valiant fighters have finally pushed back the evil forces surrounding his kingdom. The battles have left their painful mark upon the land-most notably with the destruction of the once glorious Capital City of Shilina.

It is now a time of peace and prosperity, and the citizens of Valeria have begun to rebuild their war-torn kingdom. The King has dispatched his heralds to every corner of his realm to announce his desire for a new Capital City.

Reigning over one of the Duchies, you must rally your people, develop resources on your lands, and lead the construction of a thriving village around your castle. Outwit your fellow Dukes and Duchesses by attracting famous adventurers to bring great prestige to your village. This is your moment to be remembered for all time by becoming the architect of the next Capital City of Valeria!

A village-building card game set in the world of Valeria. Establish resources, construct buildings, and attract adventurers to your Village to be crowned the next capitol city.

Each player takes a turn taking one action from the following list and all other players may follow the action but with fewer rewards:

Tax: Take 1 Gold and Draw 1 Card. (Follow: Draw 1 card).

Harvest: Draw 3 Cards. (Follow: Draw 1 card). Develop: Discard 1 card to add a Resource to your village.

Follow: Discard 2 cards to add a Resource to your village.

Build: Add a building to your village. Draw a card. (Follow: Add a building to your village, but do not draw a card).

Recruit: Pay 1 Gold to add an Adventurer to your village. (Follow: Pay 2 Gold to add an Adventurer to your village).

Building cards can be used for 2 reasons. 1) Pay resources to add it to your village as a building and gain its benefit and VP. 2) Develop it as a Resource and place it under your Castle card.

When building, use resources you have developed or pay another player 1 Gold to use their resource.

The game ends when a player has built or recruited 10 buildings/Adventurers.

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