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Welcome to Alan R. Moon's Alvin & Dexter, the wacky, yet challenging expansion for the best-selling board game series, Ticket to Ride. This expansion is compatible with all Ticket to Ride maps.


  • 1 figure each of Alvin and Dexter
  • 20 Alvin cards
  • 20 Dexter cards
  • 1 bonus card for each character
  • Instructions


After completing the game's normal setup and all players have selected their Destination Tickets, the player who will go last places Alvin in any city on the map.

The player sitting to his right then places Dexter in any other city of her choice. Place the 2 decks of Alvin & Dexter cards next to the board, and their Bonus cards next to the game's regular Bonus card(s).

City in Chaos

Any City - or Country Destination in Games with Country Tickets - with Monster(s) in it is a City in Chaos. Players cannot claim Routes into, or out of, a City in Chaos.

Moving a Monster

At any time during your turn, you may, in addition to your normal action, play 1 or 2 Locomotive cards from your hand to acquire a Monster card and move the corresponding Monster on the map.

Discard the Locomotive card(s) and take the Monster card of your choice, placing it face up in front of you. Now take the corresponding Monster and move it up to 3 Cities away from its current position on the map if you played a single Locomotive card, or up to 6 Cities away if you played 2 Locomotives.

At the end of your next turn, flip this Monster card face down and stack it on top of any other Monster cards you may have already acquired.

Important: If there are no Monster cards left, then you may not move the corresponding Monster.

When a Monster card is a visible face up in front of any player, this Monster may not be moved. A player may never move both Monsters during the same turn.

The Monsters may move or even stay in the same City, after game start. The number of Monster cards that players collect is kept secret, once the cards are face down.


At the game's end, any Ticket that includes a City in Chaos is worth half of its normal point value, rounded down. A Ticket worth 13 will now be worth 6, if completed; and cost you 6, if not completed.

The player with the most Alvin or Dexter Monster cards scores the Alvin or Dexter Bonus card. If several players are tied with the most cards for a given Monster, they both score the bonus.

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