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Rating: 8.6 Excellent
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 60-150 minutes

Official Site: Official German Website

Created by: Jens Drögemüller, Helge Ostertag, Dennis Lohausen

Published by: Feuerland Spiele, Bard Centrum Gier, Cranio Creations

Alternate Names: Терра Мистика, テラミスティカ, 神秘大地, 테라 미스티카


Terra Mystica is a strategy game for 2 to 5 players. You will control one of fourteen different races and trying to expand your power by terraforming (transforming) the landscape in your favor to build your structures.

Eeach race has unique special abilities and costs associated with actions, they are also limited to building on only one of seven different terrain types apart from the terraforming spaces.

The 14 races, along with their home terrain types, are: desert (Fakirs, Nomads), plains (Halflings, Cultists), swamp (Alchemists, Darklings), lake (Mermaids, Swarmlings), forest (Witches, Auren), mountain (Dwarves, Engineers), wasteland (Giants, Chaos Magicians).

When you build temples, you gain more influence in the for cults: earth, air, fire and water. Dwellings are needed to have more workers (they are the key to building) at hand. For money, you will have to invest in building trading houses.

A stronghold will activate your race's special ability. Each race must also develop its terraforming skill and its skill with boats to use the rivers.

All your structures may be upgraded by multiple steps to increase abilities and the production of resources, workers, priests, money.

One unique aspect of the game is its power point mechanic. These points are used to cast spells and are split among three bowls. When a point is gained, it first move from bowl one to bowl two. Only when bowl one is empty, they can move from bowl two to three and now they can be used. After you use them, they will return to bowl one.

Because you are not playing alone, the proximity of the other players will limit your expansions and offer you also benefits and opportunities. This conflict is the source of the game's appeal.

Terra Mystica takes place over 6 rounds, with each round being divided into 3 phases:

  1. Income phase
  2. Action phase with actions (transform and build, advance shipping track, lower the exchange rate for spades, upgrade a structure, send a priest to the cult tracks, power and special actions)
  3. Cult Bonus and Cleanup phase.

You begin the game with a bonus card which may grant more coins or workers and spades (crucial for transforming habitable terrain).

After 6 turns players count their points. The player with the most victory points is wins the game.

You score 8 points if you are the player highest on any cult track, 4 points for the 2nd player and 2 points for the 3rd player. Ties divide the points between the players.

You also count the number of your structures that are adjacent or indirectly adjacent to each other. The player with the highest number of connected structures is awarded 18 points, the 2nd gets 12 points and the 3rd receives 6 points. Again any ties are divided between the players.

Terra Mystica requires strategic skills and luck is not much involved. On the end, it's all about managing your resources and gaining an advantage in victory points.

The game is not so easy to learn because as your resources grow, the options do as well. There are also many small rules exceptions.

The game is created by Helge Ostertag and Jens Drögemüller and was first published in 2012 by Feuerland Spiele.

Retail Price:$68
Terra Mystica: 4 Town Tiles
Terra Mystica: Bonus Card Shipping Value
Terra Mystica: Erweiterungsbogen
Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice
Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming Nominee 2014
Tric Trac Finalist 2013
Tric Trac d'Or Winner 2013
Spiel des Jahres Kennerspiel des Jahres Recommended 2013
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Game Components

  • 1 Game board and 1 Cult board
  • 7 Faction boards
  • 56 Terrain tiles
  • 65 natural-colored Workers
  • 40 small Coins, 25 medium coins, 20 big coins
  • 65 purple Power tokens
  • 7 x 8 Dwellings
  • 7 x 4 trading houses
  • 7 x 1 stronghold
  • 7 x 3 temples
  • 7 x 1 sanctuary
  • 7 x 7 priests
  • 7 x 7 Markers
  • 7 x 3 bridges
  • 1 orange Starting player token
  • 17 Action tokens and 1 Game end token
  • 5 "100 Victory points" tokens
  • 28 oval Favor tiles
  • 10 Town tiles
  • 9 Bonus cards
  • 8 rectangular Scoring tiles
  • 5 "Actions" Overview tiles
  • 12 zip-lock bags


The setup of Terra Mystica is quiet complex.

Object of the game

At the end of the game, the player with the most Victory points wins the game. Victory points are depicted as brown squares containing a laurel wreath. …

Put the Game board in the middle of the table and the Cult board next to it.

Assignment of factions

For your first game, we recommend you play Terra Mystica with predefined factions. Depending on the number of players, take the recommended factions and distribute them among the players:

  • 2 players: Witches (green), and Nomads (yellow)
  • 3 players: Witches (green), Nomads (yellow) and Alchemists (black)
  • 4 players: Witches (green), Nomads (yellow), Halflings (brown), and Mermaids (blue)
  • 5 players: Witches (green), Nomads (yellow), Halflings (brown), Mermaids (blue), and Giants (red)

Components in faction colors

Each Faction board has a Transformation cycle. It shows the seven types of terrain with the Home terrain of a given faction highlighted by its larger size. (The color of your Home terrain matches your faction's color). …

The peoples of Terra Mystica have been witnesses to many great changes throughout the land.

After all, the fact that the landscape all around them is ever-changing is part of their daily life, and more often than not , they are responsible for that change. But the rumble caused by the volcanoes and the glaciers that transform regions into icy plains... That is something new to them.

And while the Council of Elders still debates as to the causes of this sudden climate change, new beings have started to appear, and they too wish to impose their will upon the land... …

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