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  • 8 Tuna Nigiri Cards
  • 7 Shrimp & Avocado Roll Cards
  • 6 Salmon Roll Cards
  • 5 Cucumber Maki Cards
  • 4 Mackerel Temaki Cards
  • 2 Wild Cards
  • 18 Scoring Chips
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Eat the best combination of sushi to score the most points.

  • Eat the most of one type of sushi to win the Scoring Chip of that type.
  • Eat the most different types of sushi to earn the special dessert Scoring Chip!


Sort all the Scoring Chips by their type and place them in facedown piles in the center of the table. (5 piles of different types of sushi and 1 pile for dessert).

Game Play

The game is played in 3 rounds. Each round you will choose 5 Sushi Cards to eat (score).

All players play at the same time.

Each round, you will:

  1. Shuffle: all the Sushi Cards and deal 6 cards facedown to each player. The remaining cards are set aside and are not used this round.

  2. Eat: Pick one card from your hand to eat (score at the end of the round), and place it facedown in front of you.

  3. Reveal: Once all players have chosen which type of sushi they want to eat, flip up and reveal the card you chose, keeping it faceup in front of you to score at the end of the round.

  4. Keep: Choose one card to keep in your hand and set it temporarily aside facedown.

  5. Pass: Pass the rest of your cards (that you are not keeping) to the player on your left, who adds them to the card he chose to keep (forming a new hand).

  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until each player has only one card remaining in his hand. That card is discarded, and the round ends. (The sixth and final Sushi Card is not scored).


After each round:

  1. Award the top Scoring Chip from each pile to the player who ate the most of that type of sushi.

  2. Give the top dessert Scoring Chip to the player who ate the most different types of sushi.

In case of a tie, give the Scoring Chip to the player in second position. If there is still a tie, the chip goes to the next player (and so on).

Example of distributing one round of Scoring Chips.

If one type of sushi has not been eaten (or if all players are still tied after applying the tie breaker rule), then the Scoring Chip for that type is not awarded this round.

Players keep their Scoring Chips facedown, but may secretly look at their values. The numbers on the chips represent how many points you score at the end of the game.

Wld Cards

Wild Cards may be played as a copy of any type of sushi as long as you have already eaten at least one card of that type previously this round. Place the Wild Card on top of the Sushi Card that it is copying, it cannot be changed for the rest of the round.

Important: You must decide what type of sushi you are eating BEFORE you reveal your Wild Card. (You are not allowed to wait and see what other players are eating before deciding).

End of the Game

After 3 rounds, the game is over. Players reveal and add up the values of their Scoring Chips, and the person with the most points wins the game.

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