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Feel free to use any or all of these optional rules:

  • Change the direction of play when you begin each new round.

  • Wild Cards and/or Sushi Cards with wasabi on them count as only half a card when awarding Scoring Chips.

    You can also identify the wasabi by the dots on the card.

  • When determining which player earns the dessert Scoring Chip, if one (or more) of a player's Sushi Cards has wasabi on it, then that player counts that type of sushi as only a half-a-type of sushi instead of one.

    It is more difficult to earn dessert if you eat sushi with wasabi.

  • Pass and score the sixth sushi card each round (instead of discarding it).

  • Each Scoring Chip only counts as 1 point. (The values written on the bottom are ignored).

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