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Quick Arena Stratego is played identical to the normal game, on a smaller two-player board. Each player has just 10 pieces:

Flag of Stratego
1 Flag
Marshal of Stratego
1 Marshal
General of Stratego
1 General
Spy of Stratego
1 Spy
Miner of Stratego Miner of Stratego
2 Miners
Scout of Stratego Scout of Stratego
2 Scouts
Bomb of Stratego Bomb of Stratego
2 Bombs

You are allowed to put these pieces on any square of your own normal start position.

The player who captures his/her opponent's Flag wins. As with the normal game, a player not capable of moving a piece loses the game.

Setup & Tactics

Its adviced to place your flag in the corner since it will be always easy to guess its position. Also this way, you force the other player to kill at least one of your bombs. So, its you manage to kill both of his miners, then it means that you have at least a draw.

Your general & spy protect incoming units from the center and left, your marshal and miner can move forward. The second miner should stay at home first to use as a defense.

If the opponent has its flag on the same side of the board, you just have to use your Marshal to protect your miner and always move up. When the Marshall got killed by the other Marshal, then send your general.

When your opponent knows about the previous setup and tactics, then he will probably use a spy to welcome your Marshal. In that case, we can switch it with a scout.

General Tips & Tactics

  1. Keep the identity of your pieces secret as long as possible. (also of your scouts). Attack only when you're very sure.

  2. To good players, always do a bluf. Use your spy or scouts for this. Look if he runs away when you enter his attacking units. Make sure that he never suspect the identities of your pieces.

    If you discovered your opponent's Marshall, then move a scout (or miner) the way a spy normally moves. Let this 'fake'-spy always follow your General. Your opponent will now try to kill this decoy.

    Defend it very carefully and let your 'real' spy unprotected. There is a big chance that his Marshal will not be afraid of your 'real' spy.

  3. Never use your scouts to scout other units. In Quick arena, every piece is important. Scouts are also very usefull to kill the opponent's spy (and scouts).

  4. If your own flag is bombed in a corner, then always try to kill your opponent's miners. This way, you have a big chance to have at least a draw. I survived many games like that after even losing my general and marshal.

  5. One miner at home can easily protect your bombs. This way, you can use your high officers to attack.

  6. Most average and good players put there strong officers in the front. You can attack with your general on the other side. The general don't have to fear the opponent's spy.

  7. if you have a aggressive opponent that always attack straightforward with his miner, then use this setup:

    You must make sure to protect the left side of the flag at all costs. If he kills your first bomb with a miner, then kill his miner with a piece next to it. After this, he will waste a piece to kill the bomb in the corner during the end game.

  8. If the opponent's flag is not in the corner, then its usually behind a lake. Now, your scouts are even more important.

  9. Its usually good to attack at two different sides. This way, your opponents don't know where to defend.

  10. All pieces are important, even the spy after both Marhals died. Many players lost because they didn't had any piece to move. Also, a spy can be still a great piece to do bluf.

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