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An Exploration Campaign consists of up to three consecutive missions. Your goal is to score as many points as possible. Damage to your ship is cumulative throughout the campaign, but you can make a few repairs. You get to choose a difficulty level before each mission, and you can even decide to quit the campaign and score points for only one or two missions. If you lose on any mission, you lose the entire campaign.

When choosing a difficulty level for normal and for serious threats or deciding whether to continue, you should all agree. If not, the most careful proposal wins.

Individual Missions

Before each mission, first choose a difficulty level for normal and for serious threats, and then choose a random soundtrack. Play through the mission as normal. If your ship is destroyed, the campaign is unsuccessful.

Repairs Between Missions

All oval tokens are removed, so systems that were affected by malfunctions are automatically repaired. Knocked out players, damage tiles, and disabled battlebots are repaired according to the following rules:

  • A player who was knocked out returns for the next mission, but cannot repair anything. (Even a player who was knocked out while in space gets to return; the interceptors automatically return disabled crew members and battlebots to the ship).

  • A player who was not knocked out can repair one damage tile or one disabled battlebot squad. Repaired damage tiles are removed from the Spaceship Board and shuffled back into their stacks.

  • In each zone, no more than two damage tiles can be repaired.

After discussing repairs, players play in order, starting with the captain. Each player either recovers from being knocked out, repairs one damage tile, or repairs one battlebot squad.

Androids can make repairs according to the same rules. Their repair decision is handled by a designated player.

Remaining damage tiles have their usual effects in the next mission. In addition:

  • Unrepaired reactors and shields have (besides reduced capacity) one less block during setup.

  • Unrepaired structural damage means that damage to its zone is doubled. (Draw 2 damage tiles for each point of damage that gets past the shields). This only applies to structural damage from a previous mission.

  • An unrepaired battlebot squad is not placed on the Spaceship Board. If you only get to place one squad, you choose its initial station.

Scoring and Ship's log

Record missions as usual, one per line. Penalties and total score are computed only at the end of the campaign.

If the ship is destroyed on any mission, you lose and the campaign is over. Do not compute a score. Record the name of the threat that destroyed the ship.

After the third mission (or after your last mission, if you decide to quit early) do not repair the ship. Record penalties.

To compute the campaign's score:

  • Add up points for threats destroyed and survived in all missions.

  • Subtract the penalties at the end of the last mission only.

  • Divide the total points for visual confirmation in all missions by the number of missions completed. Round down (2/3 = 0). Add this result to the total score.

Record the total at the end of the last line. Draw a bracket to indicate that all the missions belonged to the same campaign.

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