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  • 4 Maps of River World
  • 11 Event Markers
  • 1 Caravel
  • 12 Pirate Ships
  • Instructions

To play with this expansion, you will also need the following contents from Small World: race banners, special power badges, markers, victory coins, and the reinforcement die.

Note: we strongly recommend that you remove the "Flying" special power before playing with this expansion.


Follow the regular Small World Set-Up, but add the following steps:

♦ After placing the Lost Tribes, place one pirate ship on each River region marked with a pirate symbol.

♦ Collect the Event markers. There are as many Events as the number of turns in the game: 8 for 5 players, 9 for 4 players, and 10 for 2-3 players (extra events are placed back in the box).

♦ Place the Event markers next to the board, forming a line of facedown Event markers next to each other. Turn the first marker faceup: it is the event of the first turn. On each turn, you will reveal the next event of the line. This also allow you to keep track of the number of turns played in the game.


Small World rules remain unchanged, but there are some new regions and symbols on the map.


A river region only costs 1 token to conquer (instead of the normal 2). Other conquest rules remain unchanged.

However, river regions must be emptied during your redeployment phase (the race tokens occupying them must redeploy).

So unless you have a special power that lets you do otherwise, you will not be able to occupy any of the River Regions.

Note: Sea-related race abilities or special powers allow you to remain in the river (Seafaring, etc)..


The more Harbors a player occupies, the more victory coins he will score.

The first occupied region with a Harbor scores 1 Victory Coin (VC), like a normal region, but the second one scores 2 VCs, the third one 3 VCs, etc.

In other words, a player occupying 3 regions (with an active or in-decline race, or both) scores a total of 6 points (1+2+3 VCs).


Once per turn, the player occupying the Shipyard may place the Caravel in any River region (even if it is occupied) to create a new entry point for that player: in addition to his normal conquests, he may begin conquests from the Caravel.

The Caravel is removed from the board at the end of that player's turn.

The Temple of the Seer

At any time during his turn, the player occupying the Temple of the Seer may look at the next event marker and disclose it (but not show it) to the other players if he wants to.


At the beginning of each turn, an event occurs. Re- veal the turn's event and apply its effect.

Storm (x2)

River regions now cost 3 tokens to conquer instead of 1. Other conquest rules remain unchanged.

Quiet Waters (X3)

Nothing happens. All is quiet.

Harsh Winter (X2)

River regions are frozen and become normal regions (they cost 2 tokens to conquer instead of 1).

Other conquest rules remain unchanged. A player conquering or occupying a river region must leave one race token in it when redeploying. The region is worth 1 VC.

However, upon the next turn (unless the event is another harsh winter) these regions must be left, either at the beginning of the player's turn or during troop redeployment.

Pirates (X4)

Immediately place a pirate ship in every empty river region. Regions that are contiguously adjacent to at least 1 pirate ship score 1 less VC as long as the pirate ship remains there.

Pirate ships are neither Active nor In Decline. They can be conquered following regular conquest rules. A pirate ship counts as 1 race token when fighting.

Pirate ships remain on the river regions until conquered, even if there is a storm or a harsh winter (and still add to the cost of conquering the river region where they are).

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