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The list that follows details the benefit(s) conferred to each race; the number of matching Race tokens received when selecting this Race banner is indicated by the numerical value listed on the banner.


Four of your Amazon (indicated by the +4 on the banner) tokens may only be used for conquest and not for defense.

Start your initial turn with 10 Amazon tokens.

At the end of each of your Troop Redeployments, remove four tokens from the map, making sure to leave at least one Amazon token in each of your Regions if possible and take these 4 tokens back in hand to redeploy on the map once you Ready your Troops at the start of your next turn.


Each of the occupied mine regions is worth 1 bonus Victory coin at the end of your turn.

This power is kept even when the Dwarves are In Decline.


When the enemy conquers one of your regions, keep all your Elf tokens in hand for redeployment at the end of the current player's turn (rather than discarding one Elf token back into the storage tray).


Your Ghoul tokens all stay on the map when going into Decline.

Once In Decline, your Ghouls can continue to conquer new Regions in the following turns, playing exactly as if they were still Active tokens. But these conquests must be done at the start of your turn, before any conquest by your active race.

You may even attack your own currently active race with your In Decline Ghouls.


Your Giants may conquer any region adjacent to a Mountain Region they occupy at a cost of 1 less Giant token than normal.

A minimum of 1 Giant token is still required.


Your Halfling tokens may enter the map through any Region of the map (not just border ones).

Place a Hole-in-the-Ground in each of the first 2 Regions you conquer to make them immune to enemy conquests as well as racial and special powers.

You remove your Holes-in-the-Ground when your Halflings go into Decline or when you abandon this region.


Each occupied Farmland region is worth 1 bonus Victory coin at the end of your turn.


Each not empty region your Orcs conquered this turn is worth 1 bonus Victory coin at the end of your turn.


No Race benefit because their number of tokens is enough!


During your Troop Redeployment take 1 new Skeleton token from the storage tray for every 2 non-empty regions you conquered this turn and add it to the troops you redeploy at the end of your turn.

If there are no more tokens in the storage tray, you do not receive any additional tokens.


Once per turn per opponent, your Sorcerers can conquer a Region by substituting one of your opponent's active tokens with one of your own taken from the storage tray.

The token your Sorcerers replaces must be the only race token in its Region and that region must be adjacent.

Place the substituted opponent's race (even Elves) token back into the storage tray.


Your Tritons may conquer all coastal regions (those bordering a Sea or Lake) at a cost of 1 less Triton token than normal.

A minimum of 1 Triton token is still required.


Place a Troll's Lair in each region. This augments your region's defense by 1 and stays in the region even after your Trolls go into Decline.

Remove the Troll's Lair when abandon the region or when an enemy conquers it.


Each Magic region your Wizards occupy is worth 1 bonus Victory coin at the end of your turn.

Blank Race banner

There is one additional blank Race banner, which you may use to create a race of your own invention.

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