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Welcome to these new maps of Small World and Small World Underground designed for team play with a full complement of 6 players.

The rules that follow describe the game play changes specific to team play, and assume that you are familiar with the rules first introduced in the original Small World and/or Small World Underground.

Note: To get the most out of these 2 maps, if you own them we recommend adding some or all of the additional Small World Races & Special Powers introduced in Cursed!, Grand Dames and Be Not Afraid...

Playing in Teams

The players pair up in 3 teams of 2 players each (i.e. Team A, B, and C). Players sit around the table, opposite from their team partner (i.e. A1, B1, C1, A2, B2, C2), and play proceeds clockwise, starting with the first player of Team A, A1.

Players on the same team are Allies of convenience/circumstance - they can share a common strategy, whose discussion should remain public to all players, but they choose races & special powers combos, conquer regions and score victory points independently from each other throughout the game.

Their individual stash of victory coins remains secret and should not be shared with their partner; and they can even attack each other if deemed beneficial!


Game set up is similar to Small World / Small World Underground with one notable exception: If you are playing on the Small World map, before the first turn, all players except the first one should place 1 Monster token in the Lost Tribe regions of their choice (but not one that already contains, or is adjacent to a Region already containing, a Monster).

If you don't own Small World Underground, use any unused Race tokens to represent Monster tokens.

These Monster tokens have two purposes: they augment the defenses of the Region they are in by 1 (so conquering that Region will now cost 2+1+1=4 by default, rather than 3 for a Region with just a Lost Tribe token); and they determine which Regions of Small World will contain some Relic or Places, once conquered.

Righteous Relics and Popular Places

There is 1 new Righteous Relic and 4 new Popular Places in this expansion. These were specially designed for team play and can be used with either map, applying the same rules first introduced in Small World Underground (reprinted here for convenience).

Shuffle the 4 Places & 1 Relic (along with others you may already own if playing with Small World Underground) and set them face down in a pile next to the board within easy reach of the players before game start.

When a player conquers a Monster-occupied Region, he immediately draws a marker from the stack of Places and Relics and places it inside this Region.

Relics and Places confer a unique power to whoever controls them/occupies their Region. This power may be lost/stolen by other players when the Region the Relic or Place resides in is conquered, and thus may fall from under the control of one player to another during the course of a game.

Places are stationary; they always remain in the Region in which they were found, with the power benefiting the player whose Troops occupy that Region. Relics are mobile; they move to the Region in which their power was last used, whenever that use occurs unless otherwise specified.

When a Region containing a Righteous Relic or Popular Place is abandoned, that Relic or Place remains behind, still on the board. When a Region containing a Relic or Place is conquered, its power immediately falls under the control of that Region's new occupier.

Righteous Relics and Popular Places never augment the defense of the Region they are in.

Any Place or Relic's power referring to bonus Race tokens means tokens taken from the tray, and, when there are none left in the tray, taken from those in your hand, if any.

Unless otherwise specified, a Place or Relic's power comes into play immediately after the player successfully conquers the Monster infested Region containing it.

A single Race token in a Region with a Righteous Relic or Popular Place is still considered a single token.

Relics & Places can never be used by Races that are In Decline, even Ghouls.


The Golden Soapbar

At turn's end, collect 1 bonus Victory coin; you must then immediately move the Soapbar to a region adjacent to, but not occupied by, your active race.

This region might be empty, occupied by your own In Decline troops, occupied by some of your ally's troops, or even by some of your enemies' troops, Monsters or Lost Tribes! The Soapbar just cannot be moved to a region occupied by your own active troops.


Glandulf's Tavern

At turn 's end, collect 2 bonus Victory coins. You can share these bonus coins (and these coins only) with the player of your choice, including but not limited to your Ally.

Bony's Boneyard

As soon as your troops occupy the Boneyard, place Bony the Lich on one In Decline banner of your choice (your own, your ally's one of your enemies').

This immediately makes all corresponding In Decline tokens on the board immune to any opponents' racial & special powers, as well as to any Relic or Popular place under their control.

If your troops occupying the Boneyard go I- Decline or abandon the region that contains it, Bony immediately abandons the In Decline banner he was protecting and goes back next to the board, waiting for some new active troops to conquer the Boneyard.

Mirror's Vale

At turn start, you may exchange your Special Power with the Special Power of your ally.

If any of the two powers thus swapped have tokens on the board (Dragon, Hordes of, etc ..). these tokens are immediately removed from the board and placed into their new owner's hand, ready to play.

Sigil of Sacrifice

As soon as your troops occupy the Sigil of Sacrifice, you may, at your choice and depending on circumstances:

  • Choose to take losses in lieu of another race (your own In Decline, one of your ally 's or even one of your enemies).

    In this case, whenever that race would normally lose a token, you may sacrifice one of your own active tokens instead, allowing the race you protected to redeploy their token while you lose yours.

  • Or ask another race to take losses in your stead; that player must be willing to do so (and could be yourself, if you're willing to sacrifice your own In Decline race!).

    In this case, whenever you would normally lose a race token, that player may sacrifice one his race token instead; the player chooses which Region to take it from, and could refuse, in which case no sacrifice occurs. You can then redeploy your own token as normal, instead of losing it.

All sacrificed tokens are voluntarily lost; this means they can never be kept, regardless of their (or their player's) particular powers; Elves are still lost, Pygmies throw no dice, etc.

End of the Game

With 6 players, the game ends after 8 turns. The players each reveal their own individual score, and each team's score is the lowest of the two player's scores!

The team with the highest score wins. In case of a tie, the team with the highest individual player score from among those teams tied wins the game.

Example :

Team B wins with 67 points.

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