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Rating: 3.9 Passable
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 30 minutes

Created by: Ralph Baer, Lenny Cope, Howard J. Morrison

Published by: Estrela, Hasbro, John Sands Pty Ltd

Alternate Names: Genius, Mini Senso, Pocket Simon, Senso, Simon Air


Simon is a large round electronic box with four player 'press pads' on top. Each of the pads lights up and plays a tone.

The game is basically a memory game. Simon lights one of the colored pads and sounds a tone, then two, then three, etc. Players attempt to match Simon by pressing the pads in the proper sequence.

If someone fails, they get a 'raspberry' and are out of the game. Of course Simon speeds up as the game progresses so it becomes increasingly more difficult.

For a little less randomness, players can set the game to ignore the computer and perform the sequences themselves adding one color to each play.

Player 1 can press "Red", Player 2 then must press "Red" and then adds another "Red", player 3 then must press "Red, Red", and then adds "Blue", etc.

Retail Price:$55
Spiel des Jahres Recommended 1979

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  • Simon Game Unit
  • 4 Rubber Feet
  • Label Sheet
  • Instructions

Game 1: Simon Says

For 1 or More Players.

Object of the Game

Correctly repeat a longer and longer sequence of signals.

1-player Game

  1. Slide the ON/OFF switch to ON, the Game Selector switch to "1" and the Skill Level switch to 1,2, 3 or 4.

  2. Press the START button. Simon will give the first signal. Repeat the signal by pressing the same color lens.

  3. Simon will duplicate the first signal and add one. Repeat these two signals by pressing the same color lenses, in order. …


  • SIMON AIR game unit
  • Instwructions

Object of the Game

Repeat the light sequences perfectly for as long as you can.

Easy Start

Solo Play

Follow these simple instructions to start playing fast!

  1. Position the game selection switch to SOLO.

  2. Press to turn the game unit on. Then wave your hand over the blinking blue light to start.

  3. One of the other colored sections lights up and makes a sound. Move your hand quickly from the blue light to the new light. …


  • SIMON Swipe game unit
  • Instructions


  1. With the game off, set the switch on the back to GAME.

  2. Hold the unit in one hand like this. Make sure you don't touch the outer ring!

  3. Press this button to turn ON the unit.

  4. Touch RED once to choose the LEVELS game.

  5. Now, touch RED again to start the first level.

Game Play

  1. Watch for the light signal. Now copy it!

  2. Then wait for two light signals and remember them. Copy what you saw. …


  • Four Electronic Cubes
  • Carrying Case
  • Quickplay Card
  • Instructions


Power up the cubes: Line up the cubes on a flat surface with their sides touching and the SIMON Flash name facing you.

Press and hold the top of each cube to power it up. The cubes will flash the Game Menu in red, yellow, blue, then green.

The Cubes

The cubes "talk" to each other when lined up side-by-side, so they know where you're placing them and when you've solved a puzzle! As you play, make sure to line up the cubes in a straight line so their entire sides are touching. …

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