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  • SIMON Swipe game unit
  • Instructions


  1. With the game off, set the switch on the back to GAME.

  2. Hold the unit in one hand like this. Make sure you don't touch the outer ring!

  3. Press this button to turn ON the unit.

  4. Touch RED once to choose the LEVELS game.

  5. Now, touch RED again to start the first level.

Game Play

  1. Watch for the light signal. Now copy it!

  2. Then wait for two light signals and remember them. Copy what you saw.

  3. More than one light means swipe! Slide your finger across the colors.

  4. The light pattern will get longer each time. Wait until it's done and then copy it.

  5. When you hear the music and see the lights flash, you've leveled up! A new light pattern will start.

  6. If you make a mistake, you'll hear a buzzer and the game will end.

  7. Simon Swipe will play back your score with lights and sounds and then return you to the menu to select a game.

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