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The Kt'Zr'Kt'Rtl have a single driving need: green cubes. They have many products to sell for them, including a near inexhaustible supply of inexpensive colonies.

Recommended for players who desire a razor-sharp focus to their goals, and the tools to negotiate for it.


The Caylion need very little (other than ships), and thus give you no direction.

They will support you well with any goals you choose. Recommended for players who are comfortable choosing a path for themselves without landmarks.


The Kjasjavikalimm have a strong economy that can be crafted during play.

It is possible to set them up to be relatively independent of the other players. Recommended for players who enjoy analysis and puzzles.


The Faderan have "Relic Worlds" - random cards they can put into play with situationally powerful abilities.

Recommended for players who enjoy being surprised, and like to warp their minds around strange play styles midway through the game. Fun for new players, although they are unlikely to win with them.

Eni Et

The Eni Et are resource poor, but have the ability to make other players extremely rich.

Recommended for experienced players who are skilled at reading other's game state and seeing opportunity in it.


The Unity introduce wild resources - they produce whatever everyone else most needs and can run their economy on whatever everyone else sees as garbage.

Recommended for experienced players who can make challenging negotiations -- trading quality for quantity means needing to trade at an apparent profit.


The Im'dril economy is extremely strong but fragile and must be tended carefully to make it grow.

Their needs are well defined (octagons, black, and brown), but nearly insatiable. Recommended for experienced players who are comfortable with complex bargains.


The Zeth are not really playing the same game as everyone else: they are running a protection racket.

Recommended for players who are good at being mean and pretending to be scary. Not recommended when the other players in the game are new.


The Yengii require a nearly preternatural understanding of the game's state and to know the other player's desires even better than they do.

Recommended for very experienced players who enjoy paying attention to many things at once.

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