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Victory Points

Victory points represent influence over the developing society. Points are kept hidden by flipping them face down and keeping them behind the player's screen, and they cannot be traded.


Resources are wooden counters that represent various trade goods. Resources are distinguishable by their color, size, and shape. One point () is worth roughly one octagon () or two large cubes () or three small cubes ().

Ships are used to bid on colonies and research teams. Ships can be traded and are worth roughly one small cube. Each species' ships look different, but the rules treat them as interchangeable.


Cards represent sectors of a player's economy. Cards that have a player's background colors may be loaned for a turn, while other cards may be traded permanently. Research teams and colonies are cards, and thus may be traded.

How cards enter play:

Cards with a star start in play.

These cards enter play when their technology is invented.

These cards enter play when their converter is run.

When the converter is run, the top card of the matching deck enters play.

Before running their economy, if a player has more colonies than their Colony Support, they must put the excess under the colony deck.

All arrows indicate converters. Converters consume their inputs and convert them into more resources, ships, points, and other things. Some converters have no inputs: they can produce each turn for free.


Research Team

A research team invents their technology by running the converter on it, earning many points. The inventing player immediately puts their matching card into play; everyone else does so later.

Component Count

  • 30 (1) Victory Point Tokens
  • 20 (2) Victory Point Tokens
  • 10 (5) Victory Point Tokens
  • 30 (10) Victory Point Tokens
  • 13 "5x" tokens
  • 6 1x Ship Tokens (among 9 races)
  • 3 3x Ship Tokens: (Faderan, Im'dril, Kjas, Kt', Yengii)
  • 2 3x Ship Tokens: (Caylion, Eni Et, Unity, Zeth)
  • 10 Faderan Acknowledgement Tokens
  • 6 Caylion "x2" Tokens
  • 7 Zeth Envoy Tokens
  • 3 Kjasjavikalimm Tiles
  • 5 Food & Life Support Cubes
  • 45 Culture Cubes
  • 45 Industry Cubes
  • 35 Information Cubes
  • 35 Biotechnology Cubes
  • 35 Power; Electrical Cubes
  • 12 Large Unity Wild Cubes
  • 16 Small Unity Wild Cubes
  • 24 Ultratech Octagons
  • 9 Player Screens (1 per race)
  • 9 Race Sheets (1 per race)
  • 9 Starting Cards (1 per race)
  • 41 Research cards
  • 40 Colony Cards
  • 8 Colony Bid Track Cards
  • 8 Research Team Bid Track Cards
  • 12 Confluence Cards
  • 26 Caylion cards
  • 32 Eni Et cards
  • 38 Faderan cards
  • 33 Im'dril cards
  • 25 Kjasjavikalimm cards
  • 41 Kt'Zr'Kt'Rtl cards
  • 29 Unity cards
  • 27 Yengii cards
  • 27 Zeth cards

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