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Q: Can I direct attack Creatures in line before the campfire reveals them?

A: No, Creatures revealed trigger one at a time resolving any power text on the Creature cards first. When all Creatures that can be revealed by the campfire are revealed, then players may direct attack or use abilities.

Q: What happens when a First Position power reduces the number of creatures revealed?

A: As mentioned above, you reveal and resolve Creature powers one at a time. If you start a round with firewood at 7 revealing 2 creatures and reveal a Wyvern that reduces firewood below this threshold, you stop revealing creatures.

Q: What happens when the Creature deck is empty?

A: If the Creature deck is empty when you must draw or deal a card, shuffle the Graveyard including any Unhallowed and Summon cards to create a new Creature deck.

Q: What happens when all my Ability cards are exhausted?

A: You probably should rest in camp since you may not start combat on Watch with all of your cards exhausted. This means you cannot participate this round unless you are healed by the member in camp.

If you exhaust your cards in the middle of a combat round, you can still use any remaining dice to direct attack Creatures. If you sit out a round you may still participate later as long as you have at least one ability card active.

Q: How many times can I use an Ability card?

A: Passive abilities do not require a die and can be used continually or note how many times per round/location that they can be used. All other abilities are used by assigning a die or exhausting them.

This means an ability can be used a maximum of two times per location. Once with a die, and once again if exhausted.

Q: Can I exhaust a Adventurer ability without assigning a die to it first?

A: Yes, in fact it may be the smart play to save a high die roll to use it for direct attacks instead of spending it to activate an ability.

Q: Who goes first in combat?

A: There is no turn order. Players decide among themselves in what order they will use their dice for attack or to activate abilities.

Q: Do my abilities heal between locations?

A: No. You must rest in Camp to recover one exhausted ability or someone in camp must roll a 6 and assign a Heal to you to recover one exhausted ability.

Q: Can I do a Camp action more than once?

A: Only if there are multiple dice placements for the action.

Q: When does the Rogue's ability Stay Dead apply?

A: Whenever the Rogue assigns a die to a Creature or uses an ability that defeats a Creature.

Q: What happens if you use Smoke Bomb on the fire serpent or shade and ignore their text?

A: They have no health without their creature power so they are defeated.

Q: Do tamed Creatures go to the Graveyard when I attack with them or do I keep them?

A: Their health is used as a direct attack die. Then the Creature goes to the Graveyard.

Q: Can tamed Creatures attack anywhere in the Line?

A: No, tamed Creatures act exactly like a direct attack and are limited by the adventurer's range.

Q: Can the Beast Master keep Forest Creatures that were tamed but not used at a location?

A: Yes, the Beast Master can have up to two Forest Creatures at any given time and can save them between rounds.

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