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A powerful melee warrior with high direct damage potential, the Warrior specializes in taking down high health foes and boosting ally damage. Weak at range, the Warrior needs to depend on others to finish off Creatures farther away in line.

The Warrior is the only Adventurer who can keep the excess remainder on dice spent on direct damage.


The Wizard makes up for weaker direct damage with powerful magic abilities. Wizard is one of the best ranged Adventurers since most of his abilities can attack any revealed Creature in the Line.

The Wizard's ability to polymorph Creatures can combo well with other allies that specialize in dealing with specific Creature types.


The Cleric is the guardian of the light and the strongest against Undead and the Unhallowed. The Cleric's inner light can also reveal and manipulate the Line if your firewood is low.

While the Cleric may have weaker direct damage, the extra heal action in camp means that this Adventurer can bring a party back from the brink of exhaustion.

Beast Master

The Beast Master has strong direct damage potential and specializes in taming forest Creatures, pulling them from the Line and storing them up as additional attack dice (their health is equivalent to what would be rolled on a die).

The Beast Master becomes more formidable with more forest Creatures (maximum of 2), but must rely on high rolls if none are available.


Powerful Ranged Direct damage and a suite of abilities others can depend on, the Elf Ranger stands tall in any group.

The Ranger is a formidable warrior when players focus on archery abilities, but can also play more of a support role with elven magic and a powerful camp scouting action.


The Rogue may be weak when it comes to direct melee attacks, but makes up for it with versatility. The Rogue can switch from direct damage, to revealing Creatures, to boosting other allies depending on the situation.

The Rogue is always prepared and helps players get the abilities they need when resting in camp.

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