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Let's look at a sample round of play using the Beast Master, Wizard, Ranger and Rogue. The Unhallowed has been drawn and placed face-down in the Horde. They reveal the first location Snowy Pass.

Each Adventurer has randomly selected a card to exhaust. They have decided to roll a d8 to set the starting firewood and roll a 4. They set their firewood to 4 which means they can only reveal one Creature in line at a time (not great).

Next the players roll their dice: Ranger rolls 6,3,1 Beast Master: 8,6,3 Wizard: 4,4,1 Rogue: 4,3,1. The Snowy Pass states that players must place their lowest die on the Location card and cannot use it this round. The Rogue gives up her 1 die roll as it is one of the lowest rolls.

The players decide that the Wizard should go to Camp. The Wizard heads to Camp and refreshes his exhausted Ability card and takes a Rest token marking that he has rested one of his required two times.

The Wizard has rolled doubles so he can activate two of the Rune abilities, but decides that getting the firewood level up is more important and puts all three of his dice on the Chop Wood action. This brings the firewood to 10 which lets the players continually reveal the first 2 cards in line during combat.

Next the players on Watch look at the location Snowy Pass; they ignore the -3 for firewood as this is the first round. They draw 6 Creatures from the top of the Creature deck and without looking, placing the first card face-down closest to the Camp board and moving backward from there to form the Line.

The Adventurers on Watch now reveal the first of 2 Creature cards in the Line starting with the one closest to the Camp board. The first card is an Eagle with a Health of 4, but no special reveal abilities.

The next card revealed is a Fell Beast with a Health of 11, it also has a First Position power that would draw another card from the Creature deck in front of it if it ever gets to first position.

After some deliberation the Rogue decides to go first and spend her 3 die to use her Backstab ability. She reveals the last 2 Creatures in the Line. They are the Vampire with Health of 1 and an Acolyte with a Health of 7.

The Rogue's total die roll was 8 this round so she could send either one to the Graveyard. She chooses to send the Vampire to the Graveyard so its reveal ability doesn't trigger and steal the 8 rolled by the Beast Master.

The Acolyte is revealed in the Line now and has a reveal power that draws a card from the Creature deck and adds it to the Horde. The final round is getting tougher!

The Ranger and Beast Master both have range so they spend their 3 and 8 to directly attack and destroy the Fell Beast in second position. This moves the next Creature up to the second position and reveals it. It is a Forest Giant with a Health of 7.

The Giant has an ongoing ability that reveals the card behind it in line and adds its Health to the Giant's. The next Creature in line is the Zombie Horde with a Health of 8. The Zombie Horde also has an ongoing ability that adds the Health from the Creature on top of the Graveyard to its own.

So now the Giant has 15 Health (its own 7 plus the Zombie Hordes' base Health) and the Zombie Horde has 19 Health (its 8 health plus the Fell Beast's 11 Health since that is the card currently on top of the Graveyard)!

The Ranger uses the passive ability Sharpshooter to reroll her 3 and winds up with a 7. The Beast Master exhausts the Tame Beast ability to tame and collect the Eagle without using a die.

The Beast Master spends her 3 die on Set Snares to put the Zombie Horde back on top of the Creature deck (which means it will be the first Creature next round). This leaves the Giant with 14 Health (7 plus the Acolyte's 7) and an Acolyte with 7 Health.

The Ranger uses her 7 die to directly attack the Acolyte and send it to the Graveyard. The remaining Giant drops down to 7 Health because there are no Creatures left behind it. The Rogue, Ranger, and Beast Master have a 4,6,6 and a 4 Eagle remaining.

The Beast Master saves the Eagle for a later round and the Rogue and Ranger combine their dice and spend a 4 and a 6 die to send the Giant to the Graveyard. All the Creatures in the Line are eliminated. Reveal the next location and begin a new round.

The Beast Master has 2 exhausted cards at the end of the round and may want to rest in camp next round to refresh an Ability card.

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