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Ability: a Collect effect, placement discount, or victory formula on a component that automatically applies (when appropriate) whether or not that component is turned.

Component: an artifact, mage, magic item, monument, or Place of Power.

Creature: a type of artifact.

Destroy: to discard an artifact from play, not from hand. Destroyed artifacts are placed in your discard pile.

Discount: a reduction in the number of essences needed to place a given component. Placement discounts cannot reduce a cost below zero.

Dragon: a type of artifact.

Essence: Calm, Death, Elan, Gold, or Life.

Essence Pool: essences a player has, not on components, that they can spend to pay costs.

Life Loss: a rival's effect which requires you to either use a React power to ignore it or pay the indicated number of Life. For each Life you cannot pay, you must lose 2 other essences from your pool (if possible). Players who have passed ignore Life loss.

Mage: a component that begins in play. A mage is not an artifact and cannot be destroyed.

Magic item: a component type taken from the supply during setup and swapped when passing.

Monument: a component type claimed from the center. A monument is not an artifact and cannot be destroyed.

Passed: a player who has passed cannot do further actions that round and ignores all Life loss, but still gains any essences provided by rivals' powers.

Place of Power: a component type claimed from the center. A Place of Power is not an artifact and cannot be destroyed.

Placement Cost: the cost in essences to place an artifact or claim a monument or Place of Power.

Power: a cost and an effect on a component. Except for React powers, using a power requires its component be straightened (not yet turned sideways), takes an action, and involves paying its cost and applying its effect.

React Power: a power that may be used out of turn if its condition occurs. A React on a turned component may be used if its cost does not involve turning that component.

Rivals: your opponents (not you).

Straighten: to turn a sideways component straight, ready to be used again.

Turn: to turn a component sideways, usually as part of a power's cost.

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