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Artificer: this discount applies only to artifacts, not Places of Power or Monuments.

Transmuter: some of the non-gold essences you take can be the same as those you turn in. If you have fewer than 2 essences in your pool, you may not use this power.


Athanor: this artifact has two powers. The first is used to build Elan on it (which may be taken during the Collect step if desired). The second requires turning in 6 Elan from this artifact to convert any number of some essence, all the same, into that number of Gold.

Corrupt Altar: its second power may be used to destroy the Corrupt Altar itself.

Crypt: the artifact being placed by its second power must be in your discard pile. If the artifact's placement cost is Gold and 1 other essence, reduce its cost to the Gold.

Fiery Whip: its second power can not be used on itself.

Guard Dog: its first power (to straighten itself) can be used when the Guard Dog is turned (unlike most powers).

Mermaid: its power is to place 1 Calm, Life, or Gold essence from its owner's pool on one of their components. (Typically, this is used to place an essence on a Place of Power that scores for it).

Sacrificial Dagger: its second power requires both destroying this artifact and discarding a card from hand.

Windup Man: its Collect ability increases the number of essences on this artifact (for a future round), provided its owner takes no essences from it during the Collect step.

Example: In round 1, its owner uses the Windup Man's power to put a Gold on it. During round 2, its owner leaves this Gold on it during Collect, adds 2 more Gold to it, and then uses its power to put an Elan on it. During round 3, its owner leaves the Elan and 3 Gold on it during Collect and adds 2 Gold and 2 Elan. In round 4, its owner takes 5 Gold and 3 Elan from this artifact in the Collect step.

Vault: its Collect ability gains its owner any 2 non-Gold essences ("interest"), if there is 1 or more Gold on the Vault that its owner does not take.

Example: In round 1, its owner turns the Vault to put a Gold from the supply on it. In round 2, its owner leaves this Gold on it during Collect, takes I Calm and I Life from the supply, and uses its power to add a Gold to it. In round 3, its owner takes 2 Gold from it instead of 2 non-Gold essences from the supply.

Magic Items

Transmutation: some of the essences you take may be the same as those you turn in. You must have at last 3 essences in your essence pool to use this power.


Golden Statue: the points provided by this React power are temporary, lasting until the end of this victory check.

Places Of Power

Cursed Forge: during the Collect step, either pay 1 Death (the curse) or turn this Place of Power.

Dragon's Lair: this power requires turning both this component and a Dragon.

Sacred Grove: this power requires turning both this component and a Creature.

Sorcerer's Bestiary: this Place of Power scores 3 points for the Sea Serpent (which is both a Dragon and Creature).

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