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Double Time

In normal game play, Bump and Draw Phases happen after all your moves are completed. In Double Time, you bump and draw after each move of a pawn. You can draw two or more Prime cards per turn in Double Time.

Way Stations

Choose one or more prime number(s) between 30 and 80. Before a player can move any pawn to 101, they need to land a pawn on the chosen space(s). This is a good variation for players who have begun to master the strategy of the standard game.

Prime Sprint

Whoever gets a single pawn to 101 wins. Perfect for when time is short, this game often takes less than five minutes.

Prime Decline

Instead of starting at 0, both pawns start at 101, and must get to 0. If your pawn is bumped, it is sent back to 101.

There and Back Again

Get both pawns in to 101, and then back to start. When you are bumped, you get sent to 101 or 0, whichever is worse for you.

Solitaire Variation 1

Get two pawns from 0 to 101 in the minimum number of rolls you can. Play only with the 9 Keeper cards that allow you to add or subtract your pawn by a certain number. Keep track of your rolls, and try to break your record!

Solitaire Variation 2 (There and Back Again Solo)

Same as Variation 1, except you have to get your two pawns to 101, and then back to 0.

Fill in the Blanks

Make your own Prime cards with the four included blanks!

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