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Q: I ended a turn on 26. That has some red in it. Do I still get a card?

A: No. Only take a card if you land on a circle that is entirely red, like 29.

Q: Can I apply a card to either pawn?

A: If it's a Keeper card, yes. Otherwise, Action cards apply to the pawn that is on the prime number. If both pawns are on red circles, then you may choose which pawn the card applies to.

Q: I was on 99 and rolled a 2 and a 5. Can I just use the 2 to get to 101 and forget about the 5?

A: Yes! If you have a second pawn, you must apply the 5 to it. If not, the game ends as soon as you land on 101, and you don't have to use the 5.

Q: When both tokens land on a prime number, do I draw one card or two?

A: Just 1. The advantage in this situation is that you get to choose which pawn the card applies to, if it's not a Keeper.

Q: When using division does the die number need to exactly divide the board number?

A: Yes. Do not use fractions or rounding when you divide.

Q: When a token lands on 101, do I draw a card?

A: No.

Q: Do I have to move? If the only thing I can do is subtract, do you have to move backwards?

A: You do have to move. That may mean moving backwards. In the unlikely event that you are forced to go below 0, you stay at 0.

Q: Do Action cards apply only to the pawn that landed on the red square?

A: Yes. If both pawns landed on a red space, you may apply the action to either pawn.

Q: In any one turn, can I move one pawn OR both?

A: Yes! Depending on the situation, moving one pawn might be a better move than moving both, or vice versa. Making this decision is an important part of the strategy of Prime Climb.

Q: I drew an Action Card that said I should reverse to the nearest pawn and send it back to Start. But the nearest pawn behind me is also my pawn! Do I send my own pawn back to Start?

A: Yes. In some situations, including this one, you may have to bump your own pawn back to Start.

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