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Roly the pig's eyes are bigger than his tummy! He's full of food and needs operation. Can you help make him feel better by taking the food out of his tummy?


  • Roly the pig on his bed
  • tweezers ( attached to bed)
  • 5 food shapes
  • 15 food cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To complete three successful operations.


Place the food shapes into their matching- shaped cavities in Roly's tummy. Shuffle the cards and place them, with the operation charts facing out, in the holder at the end of Roly's bed.

Game Play

  1. Take turns pretending to be a pig. Ask a grown-up to judge whose impression is best. The player with the best impression starts. Play continues clockwise.

  2. On your turn, take a food card.

  3. Remove the card's matching food shape by pushing the tweezers into the middle of the food shape. Try not to touch the tweezers or food shape against Roly's sides or his snout will light up and he'll squeal!

  4. If this happens then his tummy still aches. Put the food shape back and let the next player try to remove it.

  5. Carry on until a player successfully removes the food shape. That player keeps the card in front of them and returns the food shape back in Roly's tummy.

End of the Game

The first player to get three food cards is the winner. VARIATION For a longer game, keep playing until there are no more food cards left. The player with the most cards wins!


For a longer game, keep playting until there are no more food cards left. The player with the most cards wins.

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