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Operation Classic

It's the family favourite Operation game with fun Try Me packaging and classic funny ailments.

Cavity Sam is feeling a bit under the weather, and kids will love to operate and make him better. Use the tweezers to take out all of Cavity Sam's 12 funny ailment parts that parents might remember -- such as a wishbone, Charlie horse, and Adam's apple.

Players choose a doctor card and operate to remove that ailment from Sam, and collect the money if they can avoid the buzz. The player with the most money wins.

Operation Game: Star Wars

This fun version of the Operation game combines classic Operation gameplay with the excitement of the Star Wars Universe.

Who can get BB-8 rolling again? After being rescued on Jakku, BB-8 is on the blink and looking for a steady hand to repair him.

Remove his defective droid parts and get him rolling again, but watch out for the buzzer! The game ends when all 12 defective droid parts have been removed. Collect the most droid parts without getting buzzed, to win.

Operation Star Wars Edition

Your favorite silly skill game just added out-of-this-world excitement. R2D is on the blink and looking for a steady hand to help.

Can you repair a cranky crankshaft or a hiccupping hologram? Follow the Game card instructions and hope the Force is with you - one wrong move and your electronic gameboard will sound the alarm.

Your favorite funny skill game goes galactic with repairs to R2D2. Use your tweezers to extract a lodged lightsaber and other Funatomy features. Earn Galactic credits to win with every successful "surgery".

Operation Atar Wars Chewbacca Edition

Imagine Chewbacca trying to rest in the medical bay on the Millennium Falcon after a stressful time repairing the hyperdrive.

All of a sudden the Porgs start playing in his hair, causing all sorts of mischief. Players use the tweezers to catch these pesky critters, and remove any other hair hazards they can find.

But be careful! Touching the sides of the openings with the tweezers will set the buzzer off, and then it's the next player's turn. Collect all the hair hazards to win!

Olaf Operation Board Game

Uh-oh! Elsa and Kristoff want to give Anna the best birthday party ever, but those pesky snowmen are making it cold and chaotic!

Can you pick the snowmen out of Olaf with the tweezers and avoid the buzzer? Keep your hand steady, and don't let it go once you pick it up or you'll get the Frozen buzz!

Operation Finding Dory Edition

In the Operation Game: Disney-Pixar Finding Dory edition, Dory and Hank need to rescue their friends from the Touch Pool at the Marine Life Institute!

Kids will have oceans of fun as they try to collect fish and avoid the buzzer to help Dory save the day! To play -- choose a fish, and use the tweezers to try to remove it from the gameboard without touching the metal sides.

Touch the metal sides and get buzzed. If a player successfully removes a fish, they can keep it. When all of the fish have been collected, the player with the most fish wins!

Operation Spiderman 3

Take the classic game of Operation to a new level! Spiderman is now on the Operation table!

Use all your skill to remove Spidey's ailments with the tweezers without setting off the buzzer and making his eyes light up!

Toy Story 3 Operation Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Light Year's parts require some fixing! Fix Buzz's lazy laser or his busted ball joint!

Operate carefully, if you hit the sides you'll hear Buzz Light Years laser sounds! Includes a great storage drawer to store all of Buzz's funatomy parts.

Operation Trolls

In the Operation Game: DreamWorks Trolls edition, Poppy and her friends have tiny charms stuck in their flowing hair and need help getting them out!

Collect the charms from the Troll's colorful hair… but be careful! Touching the sides of the openings with the tweezers will set the buzzer off, and then it's the next player's turn.

When all of the charms have been collected, the player with the most charms wins.

Pixar Operation Cars 2 Edition

As in the classic game of operation, players use a small set of tweezers to perform mid-tow repairs on Mater. Be sure to use a steady hand.

If the tweezers touch the tow truck, warning noises will sound. The cars crew shifts into gear for another high-octane adventure in 2011 with Cars 2.

Operation The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition of Operation is a movie classic and allows fans the opportunity to be the surgeon and remove custom Funatomy parts from Oogie Boogie, the patient.

Fallout S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Edition Operation

Operate on Vault boy as you remove his Dogmeat breath, bottle "knee cap", "Adam" bomb and more.

Be careful not to touch his insides, or you'll set off the rads meter and lose your license!

Botched Operation

It's an adult party version of the classic Operation board game! There's a laughing gas leak in the operating room and the doctors are feeling a little…buzzed.

Can you make Cavity Sam better before time is up? In the Botched Operation board game, you get to be the doctor and use the tweezers to remove the silly ailments from Cavity Sam, but you've got to do it while performing the stunt shown on the Challenge card.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Operation

The Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer collector's edition of operation is the first and only silly skill game that allows fans the opportunity to be the surgeon and remove custom Funatomy parts from the patient.

Operation Hulk Edition

Can you fix Hulk up without setting him off? Toxic Gas, Betty Butterflies and other ailments are really getting under the Hulk green skin.

He is your patient, so grab your tweezers! Are you skillful and brave enough to make him better without making him mad?

Earn money by successfully removing funatomy parts. But do not set off the buzzer, or the Hulk eyes will glow green and he will howl and growl. When the parts are out and Hulk is healed, the richest doctor wins!

Operation: Disney/Pixar Toy Story

To Infinity and ouch! Attention, Star command! Buzz Lightyear needs Your help.

Kids can have a blast fixing his 11 hilarious ailments such as a squeaky solar socket, lunar oil leak, and damaged dashboard in this classic operation game featuring Buzz Lightyear.

Players can enjoy electrifying-fun, using the tweezers to remove the most pieces from the hero without setting off the light-up monitor and getting buzzed.

If a player successfully removes a piece without touching the sides, they get to keep it. The player with the most game pieces is the winner.

Operation: Rick and Morty Anatomy Park

Rick And Morty Anatomy Park Special Edition of Operation is the first and only silly skill game that allows fans the opportunity to be the surgeon and remove custom Funatomy parts from Ruben, the patient.

Based on the classic Hasbro Operation game. If you love board games like Rick and Morty monopoly or Rick and Morty Clue, you will love this fast paced, fun Rick and Morty Version of Hasbro's classic Operation Board Game!

My First Operation for Kids

Roly the Pig has been a real greedy-guts and gobbled up too much food!

Now he's got tummy ache and needs an operation.

Remove the food from his tummy, but don't hurt him or his snout will light up and he'll squeal!

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