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  • Before the game, look over the different tiles at your leisure. They depict 1, 2, or 3 landscapes in different combinations, but they do not contain all possible combinations! There is no tile with 4 landscapes.

  • For each landscape type there are 4 different animals, which appear 4 times each.

  • For all landscape tiles applies the following: On one side is always a holohedral landscape.

  • If you get stuck, try advancing from another direction. The tile you're looking for may have been used by another player.

  • Sometimes it makes sense to place tiles with misconnections, when the points gained outweigh the penalty.

  • When the timer is running out, it's sometimes better to leave one or the other space empty and get a higher bonus chip.

  • In the advanced or expert game, don't concentrate too much on the scoring modifiers and additional tasks, otherwise you may lose focus on the bigger picture.

  • Experienced player should compare the fronts and backs of tiles. Then they can get a feeling what might be on the back of a tile.

  • Experienced Players should always keep an eye on the other players boards. Then you may see whether specific tiles are already taken or not. Especially for the Scoring Modifiers and the Additional tasks it is actually necessary.

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