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Do you want to play Mondo, but there's no one to play with at the moment? Then just play alone! The rules of the beginner game apply with the following changes:


The bonus chips and the score sheet are not needed; put them in the box. The volcano chip counts in solo play; place it next to your board.

Now take 4 tiles at random and place them at random on the 4 spaces of the board that are colored slightly differently from the other spaces.

Use the side of the tiles that shows at least two different landscape types. In case you draw a tile with volcanos (active or inactive), replace them with other tiles until you have 4 tiles without volcanos on your board.

Scramble the remaining tiles well; they should not be pre-sorted. Then pick a degree of difficulty and set the timer correspondingly:

Easy10 Minutes
Moderate6 Minutes
Hard5 Minutes

Place Tiles

All placement rules apply in the solo game! You can choose freely next to which of the four starting tiles you place your first tile, and also for every successive tile, you may decide anew next to which tile you place them.


In the solo game, it is not about collecting plus points, but as few minus points as possible. You receive no plus points, neither for animals nor for landscapes.

But all minus points count as usual for empty spaces, misconnections, or volcanos, in which every volcano automatically counts as 1 minus point, active or inactive. You win the game when you do not exceed the following numbers of minus points:

Easy3 Minus Points
Moderate2 Minus Points
Hard1 Minus Points

The solo game only lasts one turn. (But you can of course play as many games as you like).

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