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Solitaire Setup

  • The nine Map cards are placed on the table with the factory side up within reach.

  • Select an AI to play against and give them their truck.

  • Choose one of the remaining trucks to drive for yourself and collect the corresponding token and Truck card.

  • Place the Truck tokens onto the designated space in the order dispatch room (located top center of factory).

  • Randomly select 20 mints from the mint tin and add them to the conveyer belts until there are 10 mints and 2 empty spaces on each belt.

  • The rest of the mints will not be used this game and can remain in the tin.

  • Shuffle the Order Deck, then deal out 4 stacks of 5 orders face down to the side of the map

  • Reveal the top card of each Order Deck.

  • You begin as the starting player.

When everything is set up, the play area should look something like this:

Solitaire Actions

Both the player and the AI may perform up to two of the actions below. Players may perform the actions in any order and may perform the same action twice. The AI will perform actions based upon its current Motivation.

As in the multiplayer game, fulfilling orders is a Free Action and does not count toward the limit of two actions per turn.


The player may place their truck on any space connected by a road to the space on which their truck is currently located. The AI will always choose the shortest path, and will only move when required to do so via their current motivation (see "AI Motivations").

Fulfill Order (Free Action)

The player may complete any of the face up Incomplete Orders they have in front of them. They must be on the Action Space for the town listed on the Order, then remove the required type and quantity of mints from their truck and return them to the Mint Supply.

Turn the order face down to signify that it has been completed. When an Order is completed either by the player or the AI, the player will take all of the mints turned in, and place them as they see fit onto the back of the belts, so long as neither belt has more than 10 mints on it when the action is completed.

Load Mints

The player or AI will add mints to their truck from the four frontmost mints of the conveyor belts. A player may only load mints from the belt they are next to.

The AI may load mints from either of the belts, but will only do so from the AI Only loading space. The mints loaded will either be four Classic mints, two Sugar Free mints or one Cinnamon mint.

If any gaps are created on the belt, shift mints backward to fill them in. The AI will load mints from Right to Left on their oldest order first.

Take Order

The player may select one of the face up orders from one of the four Order Decks, and place it in front of them. The AI will follow its Order Preference when selecting an order to take.

In the case of a tie, they will take the order with the highest point value, If there's still a tie, they take the left most of the tied orders.

After an order is taken, reveal the next order in that deck. The player is limited to having three Active Orders. The AI is limited to an amount of Active Orders equal to its Workload value.

Shift Mints

While on a Loading space, the player may move up to two mints from the front of the belt they are next to, to the back of that same belt. When the AI needs to perform this action, it will move the front mint from each belt to the back of that same belt.

AI Card

AI Motivations

In order to keep AI decision making consistent between plays, the following rules are applied to the AI when determining what to do with its turn.

Complete Orders

First, if the AI has the mints required to fulfill all of its orders, it will attempt to do so. Once it has fulfilled all of its orders then its motivation becomes Take Orders.

Take Orders

If the AI does not have Active Orders equal to its active order count, it will attempt to take orders until it does. Once the AI has the appropriate amount of orders, its motivation becomes Get Mints.

Get Mints

If the AI does not have the mints needed to fulfill all of the orders it has, the AI will attempt to load mints until it does. The AI truck has no maximum mint capacity. Once the AI has all of the required mints for all its current orders, its motivation becomes Complete Orders.

If the AI does not need any of the mints accessible from the belts, the AI will use the Shift Mints action and move one mint from each belt to the back.

It is possible for the AI to be unable to satisfy its current motivation. If this is the case, the AI will come to a standstill until it can satisfy its current motivation. Getting the AI to do this is can prove essential to defeating it.

End of the Game

  • The game ends when three of the four order decks are empty.

  • The AI will have the last turn.

  • You and the AI both score all of the stars on your orders.

  • Highest score wins! Use the same tiebreaking rules as the standard game.

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