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  • 9 Double Sided Map Cards
  • 5 Player Truck / AI Cards
  • 40 Order Cards
  • 13 Ability Cards & 1 Key Card
  • 1 Employee of the Month Card
  • 1 Starting Player Token
  • 5 Wooden Truck Tokens
  • 38 Wooden Mint Tokens
  • 15 Ability Tokens
  • 6 Road Condition Tokens
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Mort's Candy Company has become one of the most successful businesses in Mintopia City, and the demand for mints in the surrounding area is higher than ever before!

Mort now needs your help to deliver all these delicious mints to his loyal customers!

In Mint Delivery, players take the roles of mint delivery drivers, picking up mints made at Mort's factory and delivering them around the region to fulfill customer orders. The player that does the best job will become the Employee of the Month and win the game!


  • The nine Map cards are placed on the table with the map side up granting easy access to all players.

  • Set all three types of Mint Tokens near the Map to create the Mint Supply.

  • All orders are shuffled, then three are dealt to each player.

  • Each player may keep any number of the orders dealt to them, so long as the total point value of all kept orders is 6 or less. (Orders kept this way are secret until revealed during setup).

  • Shuffle all remaining Orders with those discarded by other players to create a face down Order deck. Each town should contain 7 orders each.

  • Each player will select a Truck Card and Token of matching color, then place their Truck Token onto the Mintopia City action space, and add four Classic mints to their truck card.

  • Reveal two Orders from each of the Order decks, and have each player reveal any orders that they kept.

  • If any player has kept orders that exceed 6 points in total, have them return an order with the lowest point value to the game box, until they have orders worth 6 or fewer points in front of them.

  • The player with the freshest breath is the starting player and begins the game.

When everything is set up, the play area should look something like this:


Order Card

Map Card

Ability Card

Primary Actions

On a player's turn, they may perform up to two of the actions below. Players may perform the actions in any order, and may perform the same action twice.

Depending on which part of the map the player's truck is located, they have access to a variety of actions. As long as they are on an Action Space they will be able to perform any of the actions available for that part of the map.

Note that fulfilling orders is a Free Action and does not count toward the limit of two actions per turn.


The active player may place their truck on any space connected by a road to the space on which their truck is currently located.

Fulfill Order (free Action)

The active player may complete any of the face up Incomplete Orders they have in front of them. They must be on the Action Space for the town listed on the Order and have the required type and quantity of mints in their truck.

Turn the Order face down to signify that it has been completed, and return the required mints to the supply. The requested mints and point value of the Order is now secret, however the quantity of Completed Orders is public information.

Note: In a 2-player game as part of fulfilling an Order, the active player must also remove one available Order from any surrounding town from the game. Then add a Classic mint and a new Order as though the removed Order had been taken by a player.

Load/unload Truck

The active player may place mints into their truck up to the amount specified on the Map card where they are currently located, but may not load their truck beyond its maximum capacity.

In Mintopia City, the player can load up to four Classic mints. At warehouse spaces, the player can load up to two Classic mints. Optionally, the player may instead unload any number of mints from thier truck and return them to the supply.

Take Order

If on the Action Space for a Town, the active player may select one of the face up Orders from that town and place it face up in front of them.

They then add one Classic Mint Token to the order that they did not take in that town, and then reveal a new Order from that town's Order Deck.

If the order had any Mint Tokens on it, the player may load any number of those into their truck for free, as long as they have the truck capacity to do so. The player is limited to having three Active Orders.

Upgrade Mints

The active player may exchange some of their Classic mints for Sugar Free or Cinnamon mints. The player will place the required amount of Classic mints from their truck back to the mint supply, and take the desired mint from the supply and place it into their truck.

Two Classic mints may be upgraded into one Sugar Free mint at any Warehouse or in Mintopia City. Three Classic mints may be upgraded into one Cinnamon mint in Mintopia City only.

Player Abilities

Variant 1 adds in a method for players to gain upgrades to their actions and allow them to become specialized in various ways.

During Setup, before dealing out order cards:

  • Take the ability Key Card and set it near the Map.

  • Next, randomly select 3 Ability Cards and set them face up, one on each slot of the Key Card, for everyone to see. The rest of the Ability Cards can be returned to the tin, as they will not be used this game.

  • Then set out the Ability Key Tokens near the selected abilities.

  • Now continue setup as per the normal rules.

On their turn a player may use one of their actions to acquire one of the available Abilities. When a player acquires a new Ability, they can start using it immediately, so long as they have the remaining actions to do so (or if it's a persistent/free action ability).

A player must have the appropriate amount of unallocated complete orders to acquire an ability and will allocate them with this action. Allocated orders are not removed from the player's completed work and will still count for points at the end of the game, however they cannot be used again to acquire a second ability.

To help facilitate this, when a player acquires an ability, they will take one of the corresponding Ability Key Tokens, and place it on top of the appropriate amount of completed orders for the chosen Ability. This marks them as allocated while also signaling that the player now has access to the chosen Ability.

An Ability that a player has acquired is not removed from the pool of available Abilities. Any other player can also acquire that same Ability on any of their turns.

Road Conditions

Variant 2 adds in road conditions, which helps to vary the layout of the map from game to game.

During Setup, after laying out the map:

  • As a group, decide how many road condition tokens you would like to use this game. As few as one, or as many as four tokens may be used in each game. If you're having a tough time coming to a consensus, we recommend using three road conditions.

  • Go through the order deck and select one Order from each of the four towns.

  • Randomly select a road condition token to be placed.

  • Mix the four order cards that represent each Town and select one at random.

  • Now flip the Starting Player Token in the air (like a coin), and note the direction of the arrow. Starting at the town selected in the previous step, place the selected road condition token on the space connected to the town in the direction specified by the Starting Player Token.

  • Continue these steps until you have placed as many road conditon tokens as you decided in the first step.

  • Then continue setup as per the normal rules.

  • Road Closed

    Players cannot enter or go through the space containing this token, effectively closing off a travel route.

  • Traffic Jam

    When a player moves onto the space containing this token, their turn ends immediately.

  • Toll Booth

    A player may not move onto the space containing this token without first losing one mint from their truck. This mint can be of any type.

  • Speedway

    When a player moves onto the space containing this token, they must immediately move one more space in the same direction.

  • Loading Zone

    When a player moves onto the space containing this token, they may load one Classic mint into their truck immediately.

  • Tunnel

    The space containing this token is considered to have a road that connects it directly to Mintopia City.

End of the Game

If either one (or both) of the following conditions are met, the game will end after the player to the right of the player with the Starting Player Token finishes their turn. This ensures that all players will have the same number of turns to accomplish as much work as possible.

  • Any two towns have zero Orders available in their Order Supply.
  • All four towns have no cards left in their Order Deck.


Once the game has ended, have each player add up the total number of they have earned from Orders that they have completed.

The player with the most earns themselves the recognition of Mort, and thus becomes the Employee of the Month! (and wins the game!) Be sure to offer the winning player their certificate of achievement!

No clear victor after the initial tally of points? Have no fear! If two or more players are tied for first place, the tied player with the most completed Orders wins.

If there is still a tie, the tied player with the highest total value of Mints loaded in their truck wins. (Classic = 1, Sugar Free= 2, Cinnamon= 3). Still tied?! Well, then the tied player whose age is closest to 42 wins!

Advanced Variants

After everyone has played a game or two, or you're an especiallly well versed group of gamers, you may be interested in freshening things up a bit.

To assist with that, we have included two advanced variant modes that can be added either separately or both at the same time.

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