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Rating: 5.6 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-2 players
Playing time: 20 minutes

Created by: Mordecai Meirowitz

Published by: Alga, Brohm-Parker-Spiele, Cadaco

Alternate Names: Brain Master, Code Secrète, Codice Enigma, Codice Segreto, Código Secreto


Guess the color of hidden pegs. A deduction game where each player takes turn making a limited number of guesses, using logic to deduce what pegs the opponent has hidden.

One player secretly puts four colored pegs in the spaces behind a screen at once end of the game board. The other player, the code breaker, makes a series of guesses.

After each guess, the code maker uses smaller pegs to tell the code breaker if their guessed pegs are the right color and in the right place, are the right color but the wrong place, or are the wrong color entirely. The code breaker makes another guess in the next row, building upon information from previous guesses, trying to match the pegs the code maker hid at the beginning of the game.

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  • Mastermind unit with peg tray
  • 80 code pegs.

Object of the Game

To outsmart your opponent with a clever code or great guesswork.

As the Codemaker: your goal is to set a mystery code so cunning that it will keep your opponent guessing for as long as possible.

As the Decoder: you must break the secret code in the fewest number of guesses.

The Unit


  1. Empty the pegs into the peg tray and discard the bag.

  2. Ensure that the red and white indicator arms are tucked in. …


  • Ultimate MASTERMIND game console with built in storage area for pegs, hinged shield to conceal secret code section, scoring area

  • Code pegs-approximately 144 large round headed pegs (about 18 of each 8 colors).

  • Key Pegs-approximately 40 small pegs (about 20 each of red and white).

Object of the Game

The Codebreaker tries to guess the color sequence of a row of 5 pegs in as few turns as possible. After each turn, the Codemaker will give feedback that will help the Codebreaker figure it out!


Separate the Code pegs from the Key pegs. Decide which player will be the Codemaker and which will be the Codebreaker (players will switch positions after the first round). Position the board between the players so that the 5 shielded holes for the secret code face the Codemaker. …


  • Mastermind game with:

    • 9 rows of large holes (for color-coded jungle animals)
    • 9 rows of small holes (for creature scoring pieces)
    • 3 holes (for the hidden code)
  • Rocky Mountain tray (to hide the hidden code and for storing the creature scoring pieces)

  • 72 jungle animals in 6 colors

  • 15 small red creature pieces for scoring

  • 15 small white creature pieces for scoring.

Object of the Game

Try to guess the other player's secret code in as few turns as possible.


The younger player will be the first player to set the secret code (codemaker). The other player must guess the code (codebreaker). …

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