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Rise of the Centipedes creates a solitaire or cooperative game where the ants battle an invading Centipede Horde. The centipedes are overrunning the Meadow, and the ants must defend The Great Tunnel.

Rise of the Centipedes is played with the standard March of the Ants rules, with these changes and additions. The Centipede Mat is on the reverse side of the fifth player Nest Mat and outlines the rules.

Remove the cards marked with a centipede icon from the deck. Shuffle them and place them next to the Centipede Mat to create the Centipede Deck. Shuffle the remaining cards and set them next to the play area as the player deck.

Centipede Actions

The centipedes' actions are determined by revealing cards from the Centipede Deck. During the Worker Phase, after each player's turn, a card is revealed from the Centipede Deck and placed onto the Centipede Mat. Depending on which card type the centipedes reveal, they take the following action:


Evolution Card: Add a centipede to the Meadow. Place the centipede in the highest numbered hex that does not already contain a centipede. If all the regular hexes are full the centipede is placed directly into The Great Tunnel.


Event Card: The centipede on the lowest numbered hex moves a number of jumps equal to of the card. With each jump, the centipede moves into the next available hex with a lower number. If there are no hexes with lower numbers the centipede enters The Great Tunnel.

Whenever a centipede enters The Great Tunnel, the Centipede Horde gains colony points equal to the number of players.


Colony Goal: A Centipede Battle happens in each hex that is inhabited by ants where there is a centipede token.

During Centipede Rampage, each centipede gains +1 Army Strength.

Advance Centipede Sentry

If the centipede reveals an Event card and there are no Centipedes to move, then it will explore a hex. Reveal and place a hex anywhere in the Meadow. Place a centipede token on that hex. If that hex contains a centipede icon, reveal and resolve another centipede card.

March To Battle

After taking a March action a player may initiate a centipede battle in one hex.

Centipede Army Strength

Centipedes discard cards for Army Strength from the Centipede deck.

Centipedes that enter The Great Tunnel will remain there and gain points for the horde each Slumber. There is no limit to the number of centipedes in The Great Tunnel. Centipedes in The Great Tunnel cannot be battled.

End of the Game

At the end of the game, if the Centipede Horde's colony point total is greater than any player's colony point score, the Centipede Horde wins and all players lose.

Centipedes Scoring

  • The Centipede Horde gains during Slumber for each centipede in the Meadow. (In hexes and The Great Tunnel).

  • The Centipede Horde gains each time a centipede wins a battle.

  • The Centipede Horde gains per player each time a centipede enters The Great Tunnel.

Keep track of the Centipede Horde's score on the Score Track by using an unused Player Marker.

No End of Game Points

Players do not score end game points for having the most food, larvae or cards in hand.

Additional Rules

Play with the reverse side of The Great Tunnel.

Begin the game with one randomly selected starting hex containing three ants, three larvae in your Larvae Chamber, two food and four cards in hand.

After the solo player passes, the Centipede reveals one Centipede card and the Worker Phase ends.

Difficulty Levels
  • Easy: Start with three additional larvae in your Larvae Chamber.

  • Hard: Start with only two cards in your hand.

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