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The Bastion is setup according to the same rule as with 4 players, with the exception of the following:

Each player chooses a Hero and links the corresponding Hero board to the Horde board in front of them. Unlinked Horde boards become Neutral boards.

Clarification: Horde phases for neutral boards are performed differently.

Prepare the deck according to the number of players:

  • Remove 4 Monster cards for each player less than 4 and shuffle the Monster cards
  • Take 8 Monster cards, place them under the Warlord card, then place the remaining Monster cards on top.

The deck is therefore formed thus, from top to bottom:

  • the remaining Monster cards (according to the number of players)
  • 1 Warlord card
  • 8 Monster cards

Number of playersNumber of Monster cards

Note: In 2-player games, the Hero boards of the two players must be across from one another.

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