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Q: If a Monster has its resistance reduced to 0 (thanks to Mylfaar's power or the Standard Bastion tile), is it automatically discarded?

A: No, it's only vanquished if a Hero performs the Combat action against that monster (the success in combat is then automatic).

Q: Is a Hero required to move / perform an action?

A : No, the Move and Act actions are optional.

Q: Can a hero have more Life tokens than they had at the beginning of the game?

A: Yes, the Life tokens are only limited by the number of tokens in the reserve.

Q: What happens if a player has to lose a round token and there are none left?

A: If a player doesn't have a round token, they lose nothing.

Q: As the reserve is limited, is it possible to discard an Equipment token (to return it to the reserve in order for someone else to use it)?

A: No, the only way to return an Equipment token to the reserve is to use it during combat.

Clarification: During combat, the active player can choose to spend a corresponding Equipment token even if the Combat dice would've been able to vanquish the Monster.

Q: Do I have to win a combat if I got the right dice result / if I have enough Equipment tokens?

A: No, the active player can choose not to win a combat (for example if they fear the exit effect of a Monster).

Q: Can a Call to Arms token be used after having won a combat and before applying the Monster's exit effect?

A: No, the resolution of the combat must be finished before the active player can use a Call to Arms token.

Q: If a Monster with two exit effects is vanquished and that the first of these effects makes the Hero lose their last Life token, is the second effect still applied?

A: Yes, another player must apply the remaining effect.

Q: Why do the Warlords have one (or many) exit effect(s)?

A: In Novice and Normal mode, this effect only has an influence on the game's score as vanquishing the Warlord earns the heroes victory. In Difficult and Heroic mode, it becomes quite profitable for the group.

Exception: The "Archdaemon of Torment" Warlord forces the players to roll the Corruption die and suffer its effects. This could turn the game into a loss.

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