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  • Bastion Tiles

    The Bastion is formed of 9 tiles. Each of these tiles has an action which the players will be able to use throughout the game.

  • Enclosure Tiles

    4 Enclosure tiles surround the Bastion tiles and keep them in place.

  • Horde Boards

    Each of the 4 Horde boards has 3 spaces meant to hold Horde cards (Monster and Warlord).

  • Hero Boards

    8 Hero boards are available and each has a unique power. These boards are double-sided (picturing a healthy Hero in front and that same Hero, wounded, on the back).

  • Hero Figures

    Each hero is represented by a figure.

  • Color Bases

    4 bases allow each player to identify their Hero.

  • Equipment Tokens

    The Equipment tokens exist in 5 colors and help the heroes fight the Monsters.

  • Call to Arms Tokens

    The Call to Arms tokens allow heroes to benefit from extra actions.

    Life Tokens

    The Life tokens are used to measure the heroes' vital energy.

  • Combat Dice

    The three white dice are used by the heroes to fight the Monsters, but also for the actions of some of the Bastion tiles. The fourth die, gray in color, is linked to the power of one of the heroes (Kazgin).

  • Corruption Die

    Some Horde cards (as well as the yellow Horde board) occasionally force the players to roll the Corruption die and suffer its effects.

  • Horde Cards

    The Horde is made up of 2 types of cards: Monster cards and Warlord cards.

  • Monster Cards

    Monster cards are characterized by a Name1, a Color 2 a Resistance 3 and Effects 4. These effects can be of multiple types: entrance effects (located on the left), exit effects (located on the right), recurring or continuous effects (located in the center).

  • Warlord Cards

    Warlords are the leaders of the armies of the Baleful Queen. These cards are distinguished from the Monster cards by their backs and by the Warlord symbol 1. Eliminating all of the Warlords from the deck gives the heroes victory.

  • Grasp of Evil Figures

    These figures represent the evil influence of the Baleful Queen. They are brought into play by some Horde cards.

    They can be put on these Horde cards, on Bastion tiles, or on Hero boards. Clarification: When you will read, in these rules, that a game element (Bastion tile, Hero board, etc). is in the Grasp of Evil, it means that a Grasp of Evil figure has been placed on it.

  • Net, Trap, and Standard Figures

    The Net, Trap, and Standard figures are linked to the actions of the Dwarven Quarry, Trebuchet, and Standard Bastion tiles.

  • Standard Tokens

    5 Standard tokens are used with the Standard figure.

  • Tokens And Counters

    Various tokens and counters will be used throughout your games.

  • Power Description Booklet

    All of the effects and powers (Hero boards, Bastion tiles, Horde cards, Horde boards, and Corruption die) are detailed in the Power Description booklet.

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