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Use the rules for 4 players, with following amendments:

Both players have an ally. The allies have a small castle of their own, which cannot be extended. Each pla- yer takes the decisions for their ally and places their knights.

They do not receive power points, voting markers, gold, or squires. Special rules concerning other rewards are explained below. The players may not use their gold or their squires for their ally's knights.


Leave the screens in the box, they are not used. A player's gold and squires are visible for their opponent. Place 2 nobleman tiles in each county.

Each player selects the color of their ally and receives additionally:

  • 2 ally boards (1 x front "castle"/ 1 x back court)

  • 7 knights of their ally. Place 1 knight with strength 2 at the court, the 6 remaining knights go to the reserve.

Game Play

Phase 1: Place Knights

The active player places either one of their own knights or one of their ally's knight.

The players may deploy their ally's knights to all counties, all conflicts and to the ally's own castle.

County: The ally's knights cannot be supported by squires. A player may not expel any knights of their own or of their ally.

Castle: A player may not place their own knights in the castle of their ally and vice versa.

Conflict: A player may place their own knights and those of their ally on the same conflict card, but they may not share the same knight's space.

If an ally gains the king's favor, the reward is handled as follows:

  • Gold/squires: The reward is obsolete.
  • Upgrade: Upgrade the level of one ally's knight by 1.
  • Nobleman tile: Any nobleman tile of the player's choice is removed from the game.

Phase 2: Parliament

Allies are not allowed to vote. Regarding the laws, the ally's knights are not considered the player's own knights. Allies do not receive any rewards from laws.

Phase 3: Rewards

County: An ally may make use of the following rewards:

  • A new knight with strength 1 for themselves
  • Upgrade one of their own knights
  • Nobleman tile - remove from the game
  • Passage to France

Any other rewards are obsolete.

Special Surrey: If an ally is placed in Surrey, the allied pla- yer determines the start player.

The ally's castle: No squires must be expended for new knights and upgrades.

Conflict: When checking the contribution of each player, the allies are considered players of their own. Accor- ding to their strength, each player and ally has their own rank. Forfeit any power points for an ally. An ally's captured knights cannot be ransomed, place them in the reserve.

End of the Game

The allies are not considered during the final scoring.

Only the 8 power points for the first position are award- ed when evaluating the strength of the knighthood and the amount of extensions.

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