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Rating: 7.9 Very Good
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 75 minutes

Created by: Matthias Cramer, Harald Lieske

Published by: ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH, G3, Stronghold Games

Alternate Names: Automobile: Początki motoryzacji, Kraftwagen: V6 Edition


In Germany in 1888, Bertha Benz, wife of auto pioneer Carl Benz, undertook the first cross-country drive in an automobile. While making the trek from Mannheim to Pforzheim, her car ran out of fuel in Wiesloch.

Mrs. Benz stopped into the city drugstore to obtain the appropriate chemicals to make more fuel, effectively creating the world's first gas station.

The automobile (''Kraftwagen") quickly became a common means of transportation. Ihe first Grand-Prix races at Nurburgring and AVUS began around the same time period.

By 1928, Germany possessed a dense road network. Combustion engines had triumphed over electric and steam engines and cars were produced via assembly lines. Manufacturers began producing more affordable vehicles for the broader population.

In Kraftwagen, players take on the role of owners of start-up companies during the time period when cars came to maturity in Germany and Europe.

Retail Price:$30
International Gamers Award - General Strategy: Multi-player Nominee 2015

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  • 1 gameboard
  • 4 player mats
  • 41 car body tiles
  • 39 engine tiles
  • 8 buyer tiles
  • 50 research cards
  • 9 engineer markers
  • 56 price markers
  • 10 action tiles
  • 56 "workers"
  • 4 cars
  • 1 marker token
  • 4 start tiles
  • 10 award tiles
  • 12 specialty tiles

Object of the Game

In Kraftwagen, players advance the state of automobile development and production by playing as start-up companies. They must research new technologies and build improved chassis and engines.

Early Grand Prix races provide the young companies with prestige and money, but the players must maintain a key balance of fulfilling the demand preferences of buyers at the lowest possible price. …


Ihe gameboard is divided into several different areas. the action track is the central element - here the players determine the action(s) of their player turn and the play order. Each game turn, the players conduct a car race on the Grand-Prix track.

The players offer cars they have produced onto the market. The market can absorb a total of six cars each turn. The buyer track may determine the end of the action phase and the start of the scoring phase. …


Players receive research points in the car body and engine categories via Research development cards. Some of the cards earn the player two research points (the card contains either two car bodies, two engines, or one car body and one engine).

Other cards immediately earn the player a car body or engine from the supply (identical to the respective action; please take a look at the icons at the bottom of the card).

The number of research points a player has determines which car bodies and engines a player may take with the car body and engine actions. At the start of the game, each player has one research point in both categories from their respective start tile. …

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