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Players receive research points in the car body and engine categories via Research development cards. Some of the cards earn the player two research points (the card contains either two car bodies, two engines, or one car body and one engine).

Other cards immediately earn the player a car body or engine from the supply (identical to the respective action; please take a look at the icons at the bottom of the card).

The number of research points a player has determines which car bodies and engines a player may take with the car body and engine actions. At the start of the game, each player has one research point in both categories from their respective start tile.

The player MUST activate a development if possible. To do so, he places a worker from the canteen onto the research card. If the player does not have a worker in his canteen, the card is inactive and will remain so until a worker is placed on the card.

The next time the player takes a worker from their supply, he must immediately use him to activate the inactive development, at which point the player receives the respective benefit.

Note: The start tile is active without a worker - the player does not place a worker here.

Instant Actions

These cards are performed immediately. Afterwards, the card is placed on the discard pile. These cards include the following:

Hire Three Workers

The player takes up to three of his workers from the supply and places them in his canteen. If he has already taken all workers from the supply, this action is forfeited.

Grand Prix

The player immediately advances his car on the race track by five spaces (the standard "racing rules" are in effect).

One Car Body & One Engine

The player immediately receives one car body and one engine according to his research points in these categories.

If the research card allows taking a car body and/or engine, the player may include new research points immediately, if active.

Special Start Tiles

Grand-prix - 2 Spaces (start Tiles Only)

The player places his car directly on space 2 of the Grand-Prix track (instead of in the pit).

This action is only on one of the start tiles.

Grand-prix Car - Engine 2 (start Tiles Only)

The player takes an "engine 2" from supply and places it on top of the "engine 1".

This action is only on one of the start tiles. Important: The player is still considered to have only one research point in the engine category.


Each engineer has a special bonus. The player puts the engineer card in front of him and keeps it until the end of the game. Several engineers also come with one or two engineer markers.

Note: A player may use as many engineers as desired per turn, but may only place one engineer token per turn.

Adam Opel: Each time the player sells a car to a buyer with the "price" preference, he receives the threefold (instead of twofold) price. He takes price markers from the supply accordingly.

August Horch: The player takes two engineer markers - "+1 engine" and "+2 engine" When he moves a car to the market, he may add one of the markers to increase the engine value during the next scoring phase.

Note: It is possible to increase the value to more than 7 in this way. Limit of 1 engine marker on a car.

Carl Benz: The player receives the engineer marker "5th buyer". Once, at the start of scoring, he may discard this marker and introduce another (fifth) buyer. He places this buyer below the already active buyers.

Note: Benz may earn the player the award tile Buyer, see 6.0.

Ettore Bugatti: If the player installs a new engine in his Grand-Prix car, he immediately moves his car on the race track afterwards.

Note: The newly installed engine must be of a higher value than the previous engine on the Grand-Prix car. In addition, the player always has to take and install the best possible engine according to his research points.

Ferdinand Porsche: : If the player chooses the Grand Prix action, he advances his car on the race track by one additional space.

Note: This is also true for the instant action of a research card and the bonus by Ettore Bugatti.

Gottlieb Daimler: The player receives the two engineer markers "+2 buyer" and "+4 buyer" He may use a single marker once on his player turn and place it on any active buyer. A single buyer, however, i may only get one Daimler- marker, not both. This buyer increases the points for the sold car by +2 or +4.

Note: If this buyer is a buyer with the "price" preference, the bonus is not doubled (or tripled with Opel).

Nikolaus August Otto: The player takes up to two of his workers from the supply and places them in his canteen. Afterwards he immediately conducts another research action. If there are no more workers in supply, this part of the action is forfeited.

Rudolf Diesel: The player takes the two engineer markers "change". If he discards one of these markers in his turn, he may change one "category" of one of his cars at the market (either car body, engine, number of workers, or price).

Note: To do so, he takes a car body, engine or worker(s) from his workshop or canteen. If he would like to change the price, he exchanges the price marker on the car with a colored price marker of the turn still available next to the market.

Wilhelm Maybach: The player receives the two engineer markers "+1 car body" and "+2 car body". He may use one of these markers when he is moving a car to the market to increase the value of the car body during the next scoring.

Note: It is possible to increase the car body value to more than 7 in this way. Limit of 1 body marker on a car.

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