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Ihe gameboard is divided into several different areas. the action track is the central element - here the players determine the action(s) of their player turn and the play order. Each game turn, the players conduct a car race on the Grand-Prix track.

The players offer cars they have produced onto the market. The market can absorb a total of six cars each turn. The buyer track may determine the end of the action phase and the start of the scoring phase.

During each game turn, players will determine the 4 available buyers for up to 6 cars players offered to the market.

Players will receive development points via research for new and improved car bodies and engines as well as instant advantages and famous engineers.

Finally, award tiles may be won by the players upon accomplishing various goals.

Player Mats

The play mat of each player contains three workshops. In each workshop there may be only one engine or one car body.

The Grand-Prix car space is in the top left portion of the mat. Here one level "1" engine is depicted as part of the Grand-Prix car. The Grand Prix car is only used for the Grand-Prix race.

In the canteen, each player places his available workers that will be used for research and for selling cars.

Car Body Tiles

The car bodies have values of 1 to 7. The higher the value, the bigger, more beautiful or more modern the car body. The players may take car bodies of a higher value only when they have completed enough research.

Engine Tiles

The engines also have values of 1 through 7. The higher the value, the better the performance of the engine. Similar to car bodies, the players may take engines of a higher value only when they have completed enough research.

Action Tiles

The action tiles depict one to three actions that are performed by the players after they have chosen a tile on the action track.

Buyer Tiles

The Kraftwagen-buyers have four different preferences: car body (look of the car), engine (performance), prestige, and price.

Start Tiles

At the start of the game each player chooses a start tile. Each tile has slightly different start capabilities. The flipside of the tiles depict identical developments (one development point each for car body and engine).

Research Cards

The research cards represent the development of "better" and more modern car bodies and engines, instant cards for one- time advantages and famous engineers who help the players in various ways.

Engineer Markers

Most of the engineer research cards have markers for their special abilities. If a player chooses one of these research cards, he receives the respective engineer marker(s).

Price Markers

The colored price markers are chosen by the players to determine the market price they would like to set for a car.

The white price markers are given to the players for taking certain actions and for accomplishments in the Grand-Prix race.

Players should flip the price markers they have collected at the end of the round to keep them hidden from their opponents.

Workers and Cars

Players will use their workers for various actions and to record information. The cars are used in the Grand-Prix races.

Award Tiles

During the game, players earn award tiles immediately upon achieving specific goals.

Marker Token

The marker token is used on the buyer track and marks a possible end of the action phase.

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