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  • 1 Season board
  • 1 Season marker
  • 5 Season reference cards
  • 2 updated Action cards
  • 4 new Action cards (5th player)
  • 1 Pretender token (5th player)
  • 12 clan figures (5th player)
  • 15 new Epic Tale cards
  • 6 new territories & 1 updated territory tile
  • 6 new corresponding Advantage cards
  • 9 Harbor tiles
  • 1 Deed tokens
  • 1 Macha's Curse token
  • 1 Fili token
  • 5 Banshee tokens
  • 1 King tile

Note: like Deed tokens, Harbor tiles are not supposed to be limited in number. If needed, use a different token to replace a missing Harbor tile.

This expansion consists of 5 modules that can be combined as you wish:

  • 5th player
  • We want a king!
  • Seasons of Inis
  • Sea travels
  • New Epic Tale cards

A Few Changes

Action Card Updates

The Action cards "Exploration" and "Druid" replace those from the base game.

New Game Term: Shared Territory

A shared territory is a territory where 2 or more players are present.

Timing Clarifications

During the resolution of an effect, when multiple players are concerned, unless stated otherwise, start with the Brenn, then proceed in the order indicated by the Flock of Crows.

Except during a clash, the "active player" is the one who is currently playing their turn. During a clash, the "active player" is the one whose turn it is to perform a maneuver.

When several players want to play cards at the same time, the "active player" has priority, then proceed in the order indicated by the Flock of Crows.

The 5 New Modules

Module 1: 5th Player

To play with 5 players, apply the following changes:

  • add the 4 new Action cards to the Action cards deck,
  • add the 5th Pretender token,
  • add the 12 figures of the 5th clan.

The rules are the same as for 3 and 4 players.

When playing with the 5th player module, we recommend you also use the module "We want a King!" to keep the duration of the game reasonable.

Module 2: We Want a King

This module allows for a shorter game time by avoiding multiple ties for victory if the Brenn is not involved.

Though it has been optimized for 5-player games, feel free to use it in 3- or 4-player games!


During game setup, apply the following changes:

  • Place the King tile near the play area, side "We want a King!" up.

We Want a King

As long as the King tile is on this side, when checking for victory, apply the rules on page 10 of the base games rulebook with the following change:

If the Brenn is not among the tied players, each tied player gains a Deed token, then flip the King tile to the "We need a King!" side.

We Need a King

When the King tile is on this side, players will play one last season, then proceed to one last Assembly phase with the following changes to determine the winner:

  • If no player meets any victory conditions, the Brenn wins the game.
  • If the Brenn is not among the tied players, then these players share the victory.

Module 3: Seasons of Inis

This module adds a new "Sacred Festivals" step during phase 1: the Assembly and modifies phase 2: the Season.


During game setup, apply the following changes:

  • Place the Season board near the play area.
  • Randomly determine a starting season and place the Season marker on the corresponding season.
  • Each player takes a Season reference card.

Sacred Festivals

During phase 1: the Assembly, add a 7th "Sacred Festivals" step.

The effects of each festival are described on the Season reference card.

During phase 2: the Season, apply the effects of the current season as described on the Season reference card. At the end of the Season, move the Season marker to the next season on the Season board in a clockwise direction.

Module 5: Sea Travels

This module introduces a new type of territory: the islands, which can be distinguished from other territories by their blue edges, and a new type of building: the harbor, which allows players to move by sea.

New Setup Rules

During game setup, apply the following changes: Replace the base game "Cove" territory tile with the one from this expansion. Separate the islands from the other territories.

Draw and place as many tiles as the number of players. Follow the Harbor tiles rules if needed.

When the Brenn chooses the Capital, add a Harbor tile to it if there is not one already, in addition to the Capital and the Sanctuary.

Shuffle the islands with the remaining territory tiles.

New Rules

  1. Placing a Territory

    The rule for placing a territory now requires placing the new territory on a location adjacent to at least 2 territories, except if it is an island.

  2. Placing an Island

    When a player discovers an island, he places it on the play area which represents the sea, touching no other territory. An island can never be adjacent to any other territory.

    This placement rule takes precedence over the base game rules and the text on the cards.

  3. Placing a Harbor Tile

    When players place a Harbor tile on a territory, they proceed as follows:

    1. They choose one of the available spots on the territory.

    2. They must place the Harbor tile in such a way that it touches no other territory, if possible. Otherwise, the Harbor tile may touch another territory.

    3. Once in play, a Harbor tile must always provide access to the sea, represented by the play area, and can therefore never be surrounded by other territories.

    4. A territory can only have one Harbor tile.

  4. Sea Travel

    When a player plays a card allowing him to move or when he withdraws from a clash, one (and only one) of his allowed movements can be by sea.

    When clans move by sea, territories with Harbor tiles are considered adjacent to each other.

Module 5: 15 New Epic Tale Cards

Simply add the 15 new Epic Tale cards to the Epic Tale deck.

Important: If you do not play with the "Sea Travels" module, remove the Epic Tale card "Sons of Mile".

Each of the Epic Tale cards makes specific references to Irish Celtic legends, which are explained here:

  • Pwyll's Exchange: Pwyll was the leader of the Dyfed in Wales.One day he had a hunting dispute with Arawn, king of the Otherworld. To redeem himself, Pwyll offered to exchange their identities for a year and kill Havgan, Arawn's rival.

  • Sacred hill of Tara: A hill in the center of Ireland, symbolic place of druidism and capital of the High Kings, where the stone of Fal and the citadel of kings, erected by Cormac Mac Airt, are found.

  • Macha's Curse: Macha put a curse on the Ulaid that forced Cuchulainn to defend the kingdom alone against Queen Mebd's armies.

  • Cathleann's Prophecy: Cathleann, a prophetess, predicted to her husband Balor of the Fomorians that his grandson Lug would be the architect of his passing. Balor thought he had gotten rid of him when he was born.

  • Maelduin's Expedition: Maelduin, determined to avenge his father's death, set sail and discovered many fantastic islands populated by amazing characters and extraordinary creatures.

  • Nuada's Sword: The sword of light is one of the four treasures of the Tuatha De Danann, along with the spear of Lug, the stone of Fal and the cauldron of the Dagda.

  • Feth fiada : Druidic mist of the Tuatha De Dannan.

  • Bran's Journey: Bran, encouraged by a mysterious stranger, undertook a journey during which he met Manannan Mac Lir and travelled to the islands of the Otherworld, with strange out of time customs.

  • Niall of the Nine Hostages: King of Tara, the legend gave him this nickname because he held the sons of nine kings of neighboring kingdoms hostages.

  • Fintan's Tales: Fintan, druid and advisor of the High Kings, fought in the first battle of Moytura with the Fir Bolg, lived several thousand years and left the world of men at the end of the era of myths, after telling his story.

  • Cormac Mac Airt : One of Ireland's greatest High Kings, Cormac was renowned for his generosity and sense of justice. He became king thanks to the recognition of the inhabitants of Tara.

  • Rhiannon the Horse Rider: When Pwyll first met this mysterious rider, no one could catch her, not even the best couriers in the kingdom. She decided to meet Pwyll and they eventually got married. During her life she had to endure several curses.

  • Finn's Wrath: It is said that Finn Mac Cool, leader of the Fianna, sometimes turned into a giant...

  • Sons of Mile: The Milesians are Ireland's last invaders. They are human, the ancestors of the Gaels. They were able to land in Ireland despite the Fe'th fiada of the Tuatha De Dannan.

  • The Banshee's Wail: The banshee is a messenger from the other world, sometimes repulsively ugly, sometimes breathtakingly beautiful. When her howl is heard, death is near...

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