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Card Drafting

Inis handles card drafting differently than most games that use a card drafting mechanic.

For example, in Inis it is possible for a player to take his held card from Step 1 and pass it to his neighbor during Step 2. This allows players to adapt and have the option to take cards they see later in the round that might be more appealing.


Passing is a useful option that allows you to delay your decisions and save your cards for later-but it can be risky. If you pass and all other players also choose to pass after you, the Season ends, and all players must discard their Action cards.

Triskel Cards

Triskel cards can be played only during the specific timing indicated on the card.

When the card is played, it is played in response to an action. Triskel cards are discarded by type, just like Season cards (see "Play a Season Card" on the left).


  • One or more Triskel cards can be played in response to the same action.

  • The "Geis" Triskel card, which ignores an Action card effect, can be played only after the current player has fully declared his action (which clan he is targeting, which territory he is moving from, etc)..

  • A Triskel card that states "After you play a Season card…" cannot be played until after fully resolving the Season card's effect, which includes any clashes that were initiated.

Reminder: Place one clan When a player plays a card that states "place 1 clan", he takes these clans from his own reserve, not from another player's reserve.

Festival Marker

If the Festival marker is in a territory at the end of a Season, remove it and place it near the play area.

If the Festival marker is in the clashing territory, the player who initiated the clash immediately loses a clan before the Citadels step.

Note: The Capital's Citadel functions just like all other Citadels.

Note: A player who has one or more exposed clans in a clash must choose to perform one of the maneuvers. Even if he would prefer to wait and see how the situation evolves, passing is not an option during a clash.


  • A player can withdraw to any adjacent territory where he is the chieftain, including the territory where the instigator came from.

  • If a player uses a single effect to move his clans to multiple different territories (such as with the "Migration" Action card, for example) and by so doing initiates multiple clashes, it is possible for a particular situation to occur. In territories where other clashes are waiting for the current clash to be resolved, it is possible for the instigator to have more clans in those territories than anyone else.

    While waiting for that territory's clash to be resolved, the instigator is considered that territory's chieftain, so he can use the Withdraw maneuver to move his clans there, but other players cannot.

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