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In this epic variant, players gather in groups of 2 (or 3 with the Order & Chaos Expansion) in a war of alliances! Their powerful Factions have banded together in a campaign against their mortal enemies.

Components and Setup

Setup as you would for a normal game. Even as teams, players have their own Faction.

Player Seat Positions

The Team Play Variant must be played as a 2 vs. 2 game (with two teams of 2), or with the Order & Chaos Expansion as a 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 game (with three teams of 2) or as a 3 vs. 3 game (with two teams of 3).

Players should decide their alliances before starting the game. These alliances will be permanent and cannot be broken. Members of the same alliance should not sit next to each other, and their seats should be alternated. So, the seating order should look like this:

2 vs. 2:

2 vs. 2 vs. 2:

Requires 5-6 Player Order & Chaos Expansion

3 V. 3:

Requires 5-6 Player Order & Chaos Expansion

Gameplay Changes

A team game is played primarily the same way as a standard game, but with the following changes:

  • Players cannot attack their allies, and can peacefully share Units in the same Region. The allies can only have a collective total of 5 Units in a single Region.

    When this happens, both players will gain a Resource from that Region. However, Towers will only benefit the Faction that built it, and any Serf occupying a worker space only gains an additional Resource for the Faction it belongs to.

  • When a Tax Action is taken, you may also give Resources from your supply, in any combination and at any time during the Tax Action, to an ally of your choice before or after you gain Resources.

  • Ally Units in the same Region can move together, even if they belong to a teammate. When moving, a player can take any friendly Units in that Region with them, with their ally player's permission.

  • If attacking with mixed Units, the active player chooses the Tactic Card and must pay for it. If defending in a Regions with mixed Units, the players in the team choose who will lead the Battle and select and pay for the Tactic Card.

End Game Scoring

When the end of the game is triggered, each team will combine the Victory Points of all team players.

Regions are only counted once per team, so if a Region is shared then it only counts for one of the players. The team with the highest total wins.

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