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Faction Components

A Faction consists of a Capital City Board, a supply of Units, Hero Cards, several types of Constructs, and several Tokens:

  • Capital City Board: Placed directly in front of each player. It contains the information needed for gameplay, an Action Bar, and an area to track a player's Resources.

  • Units: 20 Miniatures for each Faction kept in a supply. These consist of 3 Heroes, 5 Warriors, and 12 Serfs.

  • Hero Cards: Each Hero has a corresponding Hero Card that lists their special abilities.

  • Faction Tokens: Two kinds-1 Score Token (square) for tracking Victory Points, and 2 Action Tokens (shield) for marking a chosen action during Action Selection.


  • Capital City Levels: 3 stackable structural Constructs that represent a Faction's Capital City location and level. The Capital City is considered a "Structure".

  • Towers: 3 structural Constructs that can be built by a Faction on a Land Region. Towers are considered "Structures", NOT Units.

  • Sea Vessel: A movable vessel Construct that can carry Units into Sea Regions. A Sea Vessel is considered a "Unit".

    Air Vessel: A movable vessel Construct that can carry Units over Land or Sea Regions. An Air Vessel is considered a "Unit".

Other Components

  • Tactic Cards: Each player has a hand of 7 Tactic Cards (marked "X of 7") to be used during Battle.

  • Spell Cards: Gained each round, and by taking the Research Action (see Researching for Spells pg. 8). Spells can be used by Casting them.

  • Solo Action Cards: Used in the Solo Play Variant to dictate the actions of the Solo Enemy.

  • Resource Tokens: Used to track Ore, Mana, and Food amounts on each player's Resource Track.

  • Exploration Tokens: Placed face-down onto unexplored Land and Sea Regions on the map (except Capital City Regions) and then flipped and resolved when Units first enter a Region containing one. There are 2 kinds of Exploration Tokens: Land and Sea.

  • First Player Token: A Token that is given to the first player each round to perform the first action, and will pass to the next player at the end of the round.

  • Quick Reference Sheet: A quick reference of gameplay and the effects of Exploration Tokens.

Game Board

Placed in the center of the play area. Choose a side based on your number of players (Note: Playing with more than 4 players requires the Order & Chaos Expansion). It consists of the following:

  • Player Count: Marks how many players should be playing when using this side of the board.

    • Continents - clusters of 10 adjacent Land Regions.
    • Sea Regions - 13 total Sea Regions.
    • Shores - connect Land to Sea Regions where Sea Vessels may dock.
    • Ferry Routes - separate Sea Regions and connect continents so Land Units may cross.
    • Graticules - numbers/letters that mark a continuation of a Ferry Route.
  • Score Track: Marks the current Victory Points of each Faction and is used for end game scoring as well.

  • Tax Track: Resources offered when taking the Tax Action.

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