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The Nomads Mini-Expansion offers two different variants for Heroes of Land, Air & Sea:


  • 10 Nomad Miniatures
  • 1 Nomads Mercenary Card
  • 6 Nomad Spell Cards
  • Instructions

1. Wandering Nomads

This variant uses an army of 10 Nomads, playing as non-player- characters. The Nomads are placed on the board, one each round, by the players.

They negatively affect the Regions they are adjacent to but can be captured by players for Victory Points and to gain extra "Follow" and "Muster" actions.

If players ignore the Nomads, their army can grow to the point where they become hard to defeat. Managing the size of the Nomad army becomes a meaningful part of each player's strategy.

2. Mercenary Nomads

(requires Mercenaries Mini-Expansion').

This variant uses only 3 of the 10 Nomads and the Nomads Mercenary Card. In this variant, the Nomads are available to all players to recruit but can only be used by one player at a time.

They are Mercenary Hero Units with unique abilities that a player can recruit into their army. All 3 Nomads are recruited together. If all 3 are killed, they return to the general supply and can be recruited again by any player.


First, players choose which variant to play:

  • If playing the Wandering Nomads variant, place 10 Nomads within reach of the players. You will not need the Nomads Mercenary Card, return it to the box. Also, shuffle the 6 Nomad Spell Cards into the Spell Deck.

  • If playing the Mercenary Nomads variant, place 3 Nomads and the Mercenary Nomad Card within reach of the players. You will not need the other 7 Nomads, return those to the box.

Wandering Nomads Gameplay

At the beginning of each Action Selection Phase, before any players select Actions, the First Player (with the First Player Token) must place exactly 1 Nomad Unit on the game board:

  • If there are no Nomads in any Regions on the board (including the first round), the player must place the Nomad in a Desert Region of their choice.

  • If at least 1 Nomad is in a Region on the board, 1 Nomad must be placed in a Land Region adjacent to a Region with a Nomad in it (not in a Courtyard).

  • ALL Regions adjacent to a Nomad yield 1 fewer Resource during Collection (except Nomads in a Courtyard).

Nomad Placement Rules

  • Do not reveal Exploration Tokens when Nomads are placed in a Region.

  • There can only be 1 Nomad per Region.

  • May only be placed in empty Regions (contain no other Units or Structures).

  • May "cross" Ferry Routes to be placed in Regions on another Continent.

  • If there is no Desert Region available, or no Regions adjacent to Nomads without Units, then the Nomad maybe placed in any empty Region on the board.

Battling the Nomads

An army may only enter a Region with a Nomad and Battle if the army's Strength is greater than the Nomad's. The Nomad's Strength is equal to the total number of Nomads on the board. For instance, if 3 Nomads are on the board, a Nomad is .

Gain for starting this Battle but no Tactic Cards are used. For the player, all Faction and Hero bonuses are still used in determining the army's Strength. Then, capture the Nomad and place it into the player's Courtyard.

Captured Nomads

Once in a player's Courtyard, Captured Nomads may be used one time to "Follow" or "Muster" an action as if they were Serfs.

At the end of the round when the Action Bar is cleared, any Nomads used to Follow/Muster are returned to the Nomad supply, instead of the player's Courtyard.

Each Nomad in a Courtyard or on the Action Bar is worth only when defending the Capital City. Nomads' Follow/Muster abilities may be used at anytime when appropriate. If left in a Courtyard at the end of the game, they are worth no Victory Points.

Wandering Nomads Solo Rules

For the first Nomad placement, place it into the unoccupied Capital City Region of the Continent that does not have the Enemy or the player (instead of placing in a Desert Region).

At the beginning of each subsequent round, continue placing 1 Nomad adjacent to a Region that contains a Nomad but that does not contain any other Units. If at any point, there are no Nomads on the board, the player will place the next Nomad in any Desert Region that does not contain any other Units.

Before resolving the first Enemy Action Card each round, note the compass's arrow direction. The player will then move 1 Nomad of their choice one Region in the direction of that arrow. If it cannot move in that direction, it will continue to look clockwise until there is an open path into a Region. Nomads may move using Ferry Routes.

A Nomad may be moved into a Region with other Units and if so, it results in a Battle (no VP is rewarded for starting this Battle'). After the Nomad is moved and any Battle resolved, using the same rules of resolving a Battle as described in the Battling the Nomads section, the Enemy will continue with their turn and use their Action Card.

If the Enemy defeats a Nomad in Battle, they gain and the Nomad is captured and placed in the Enemy's Courtyard. If the player defeats a Nomad in Battle, they gain and the Nomad is captured and placed in their Courtyard.

If any Captured Nomad(s) are in the Enemy Courtyard, after the Enemy has taken its 3rd action it will draw and resolve a 4th Action Card.

This 4th Action Card will be performed by their 3rd (rightmost) Enemy Hero, as if they took a second action that round. Any Action (movement, spells, etc). will be related to the 3rd Hero. After that 4th Action is resolved, 1 Nomad is returned to the general supply.

Do not add the Nomad Spell Cards to the Spell Deck for solo play.

Mercenary Nomads Gameplay

This variant requires the Mercenaries Mini-Expansion. When a player Recruits the Nomads Mercenary, that player receives all 3 Nomad Units.

All 3 Nomads must be killed before they are returned to the general supply and available for recruitment again. If Nomads are "Fired", return all of the Nomads to the general supply. Refer to the Nomad's Mercenary Card for their specific abilities.

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