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  • 4 Miniatures
  • 4 Mercenary cards
  • 1 Rule card


Shuffle the Mercenary Cards under the table and randomly draw 1 card per player. For 2 players, draw a 3rd Mercenary Card.

Place these cards and their corresponding miniatures in an area within reach of the players. The unused miniatures and cards can be placed back in the box.


Mercenaries are Hero Units that any player can acquire by taking or following a Recruit Action:

  • Pay its cost (3 Ore, 3 Magic, and 3 Food).

  • Place the corresponding miniature into your Capital City's Courtyard.

  • Take the Mercenary's Card.

  • Each player may only have 1 Mercenary in play at a time.

  • Mercenaries do not require Buildings in your Capital City to be recruited.

Boarding Vessels

Only certain Mercenaries can enter Vessels. Whether they can or cannot is listed on their Mercenary Card.

Destroyed Mercenaries

If killed or sacrificed in Battle, Mercenaries and their cards are returned to the general supply and may be recruited again by any player.

Firing a Mercenary

Unlike other inits, at any time, a player may "Fire" a Mercenary and send it and its card back to the supply. This may be done to hire another Mercenary.


Like regular player Heroes, Mercenaries have unique abilities that are unlocked as the player's Capital City reaches higher levels.

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