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  • 6 Siege engine constructs (3 types)
  • 6 Siege engine cards


Place the 6 Siege Engine Constructs (3 types) and their 6 Siege Engine Cards in an area within reach of the players.


Siege Engines are Units any player can acquire by taking or following a Build Action:

  • Pay the cost in Resources listed on each Siege Engine's card (different for each type).

  • After building it, place the Construct in your Courtyard or a Region with a Tower you control.

  • Take the Siege Engine's Card.

  • Players may only have 1 of each type of Siege Engine in play.

  • Siege Engines do not require Buildings in your Capital City to be built.


Siege Engines have , but cannot move alone. They MUST ALWAYS move with at least one other Non-Siege Engine Unit controlled by the player. Siege Engines cannot enter or move with Vessels alone.

Also, Siege Engines outside of a Courtyard MUST ALWAYS be in a Region with at least one other Non-Siege Engine Unit or Tower controlled by a player.

Destroyed Siege Engine

Its card is placed back in the supply and may be built again by any player. Siege Engines can be destroyed by:

  • Being lost in a Battle.

  • Being sacrificed to pay for a Tactic Card.

  • If one is ever alone in a Region (other than the Capital City) without another friendly Unit or Tower present, it is immediately destroyed.

Abilities and Battles

Abilities are listed on their cards. One ability of Catapults and Ballistae is "Ranged Battle". They are not required to be in the Region of the Battle, but they may be destroyed based on the results of the Battle. Siege Engines alone may not start a Battle.

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