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  • 102 Survey Cards (204 Surveys!)
  • 3 Red Strike Cards
  • 3 Blue Strike Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Each Team volleys survey questions back and forth to win the card in play. Win 4 cards and you've won the game!

To Win a card, a team must either A) NOT Strikeout, or B) recite the LAST remaining answer on the card.


To play, have one player serve as the "Host" or "MC" to read the questions ana handle the revealing of the answers.

Split the remaining players into 2 teams (One team is the RED Team, the other the BLUE team).

Game Play

To begin a new Round of Family Feud STRIKE OUT, the MC pulls a card from the deck and recites the Survey Question and number of answers aloud.

Answers are listed in rank order, with 1 being the most popular answer, 2, the second-most popular, and so on.

Note: To the right of the answer on the card is the number of people out of 100 surveyed responded with that answer.

Each new card in play will begin with a "Face Off" as on the Family Feud game show where a representative from each team shouts out the first answer he/she can think of upon hearing the Survey Question.

Both answers and their rankings on the card are announced by the MC. Should one player recite an answer that is not on the card, his/her team is issued a STRIKE indicator, and the other team may answer again.

If both answers are on the card, the team that recorded the higher ranking answer continues play and recites another (1) answer to the survey question.

Play then VOLLEYS to the opposing team and that team recites an answer.

End of the Game

The game will continue to volley back and forth with each team collectively reciting one answer to the survey question in play until a team has 3 STRIKES, or has answered the last remaining answer on the card.

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